Extra CHESS In Concert tickets on sale if you’re quick! (Updated)


  • (Assuming this is an April Fools) If I didn’t already have tickets hanging nicely on my fridge, I would be so upset when seeing this. 🙂

  • Not an April Fool!! Got my ticket today after days of sulking since finding out about the concert and that it was sold out all on the same day! So happy now can’t wait. Glad i couldn’t afford to give in to the temptation of the ebay tickets though – would’nt be very happy now!

  • Great news Sarah and no Harbek, definitely not an April Fool. This news is of a genuine ticket release.

  • Tickets are going real fast.My freind at box office tells me these are the last dozen remaining tickets.Hurry all you chess fans before you have to pay rip off prices

  • I phoned this morning and there was nothing – this is really my favorite musical – but I am going to try every day. The best agency price I got for stalls seats was 150 plus VAT – that is ridiculous.

  • I wonder if anybody knows if "Someone elses story" will be in the concert performance at the Albert Hall? This is one of the very best songs from the show,BUT it comes from the New York production.I do hope Kerry Ellis will sing it.

  • Although the 2003 New York concert performance was under rehersed .I still think the concept of it was very good and there were some very special highlights particulary Adam Pascals "Pity the Child" and Miss Suttons rendering of "Some one elses story". I do hope that Tim Rice includes the latter song in the performance at the Albert Hall. I know this song comes from the doomed New York production BUT its one of the best songs in the show. I do hope Kerry Ellis gets to sing it as Svetlana.

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