ABBA: The Mamma Mia! Story – new ITV documentary (Updated)

The show is scheduled to air on July 3 on ITV1. How ‘new’ this new documentary actually is remains to be seen and at the moment details are scarce.

This is what website Digital Spy are saying about the show…

ITV is producing a one-off documentary about hit Abba musical Mamma Mia! to coincide with the release of a new movie production.

The documentary will include interviews with the film’s stars, who include Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Julie Walters, as well as clips and behind-the-scenes footage.

Abba members Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson will also feature in Abba: The Mamma Mia! Story along with those involved in successful stage productions.

"With extracts from the theatre show and exclusive access to the auditions of a new version of the show in Scandinavia, this is a musical feast for Abba lovers", said ITV.

The show is scheduled for UK viewers on July 3 on ITV1.  It is available to non UK audiences on July 4 on ITV’s Catch up service.

Digital Spy’s Mamma Mia! Story


  • Does anyone if the South Bank tv show is still doing a program on Abba / Mamma Mia? If so, any news of a broadcast date?

  • I was wondering the same thing Jason and also wondered whether the South Bank Show programme somehow morphed into this ITV special.

    I’m inclined to suspect that a South Bank Show edition dedicated to Mamma Mia! will go ahead.

    I’m guessing that the ITV special being shown on July 3 may feature some material that ITV have shown in the past, (think The Winner Takes It All and Super Troupers DVDs – as these had sizeable Mamma Mia! content) along with new Mamma Mia! movie focused material. But at the moment, I’m just speculating.

  • Not sure where to post this but YouTube has several FULL versions of songs from the Mamma Mia movie sound track – awesome.

    Listen to I Have A Dream and it’s Greek flavour. Gimme Gimme Gimme gets a great rock bridge. Find other surprises too.

    Look up Mamma Mia the movie or the subscriber ABBA Land.

    Have fun.


  • ABBA Land’s YouTube channel with full soundtrack previews can be found at: It is now possible to order the Mamma Mia! Soundtrack, for just £5.99 delivered to the UK.

    Tracklisting :

    1. Honey, Honey
    2. Money, Money, Money
    3. Mamma Mia
    4. Dancing Queen
    5. Our Last Summer
    6. Lay All Your Love On Me
    7. Super Trouper
    8. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
    9. The Name of the Game
    10. Voulez-Vous
    11. SOS
    12. Does Your Mother Know
    13. Slipping Through My Fingers
    14. The Winner Takes It All
    15. When All Is Said And Done
    16. Take a Chance on Me
    17. I Have a Dream

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