ABBA will reform for Swedish Mamma Mia! movie premiere?

It reports:

The metal detectors at Sydney Airport will be on red alert and the ruby rug for visiting stars due for an extra special dry-clean – the golden girl of the Oscars, Meryl Streep, is set to touch down.

ABBA to reform at Swedish Mamma Mia! movie premiere?

ABBA to reform at Swedish Mamma Mia! movie premiere?

We can exclusively reveal the big-screen actress is jetting her way to Sydney as part of a star-studded press tour for Mamma Mia! the movie.

Streep will join co-stars Pierce Brosnan and Amanda Seyfried to hit town on July 8, before heading south for a gala premiere in Melbourne the following night. (Stay tuned for details on how you can be on the VIP guest list). 

The whistlestop visit is scheduled to be the final stop of an amazing world tour: opening in London on July 1, Berlin on July 2, then Stockholm on July 4, where ABBA will reform for the occasion.

Inspired by the songs and storytelling of the Swedish supergroup, and based on the hit musical, the Universal film is one of the hottest cinema releases this year. 

Daily Telegraph (Australia)


  • Thanks for the news.

    Surely an ‘Abba reformation’ would ‘merely’ be the kind of thing we saw at the Swedish ‘Mamma Mia !’ theatre production première ? That is, arriving separately, lots of furtive movements and no opportunity to capture all 4 members together in a photo ?? Not that I am cynical of course !!

  • Gary is not cynical, just realistic. Just because all 4 members are likely to be in the same place for one evening does not mean they have REFORMED. The press do like to over dramatise everything. I guess that reduces the chances of Frida showing up at the Odeon in Leicester square on July 1st then.

  • Even before the Daily Telegraph story, there was an unsourced comment on the IMBd that "all of ABBA will be at this one’, referring the the Stockholm premiere.

    Today’s Brisbane Courier Mail (like the Telegraph, another News Corp paper) tells us that "Swedish supergroup ABBA will re-form, hitting the stage for the occasion".

    As if.

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