CHESS Fans – icethesite needs you!

The shows are very nearly here and I think it’s important that this site gives an indication of what it was like to be in the audience (or choir – as some readers are) for these very special concerts. I’ll be setting up a thread whereby you can share your thoughts and you can email any pictures you might take using the Contact link at the bottom of every page.

I’ll be there, of course, gathering my own thoughts ready to share with you – but it’d be great if other people write in – the more, the merrier, I say! Many thanks in advance.


  • You can count on it!

  • I’m so glad that you’re going to be setting up this thread. As I can’t attend either of the concerts I’ll be really interested to find out what it was like ‘first hand’ – and am STILL hoping, wishing and praying that an official recording of it will be available! Any more news on that?

    PS And all that ‘hoping, wishing and praying’ includes the desire that the concerts will be the BEST the Royal Albert Hall has EVER hosted!

  • We will be there on Tuesday.I know Tim Rice is intruducing the concert, BUT I would love to give a cheer and clap my hands sore for two of the greatest song writers of the 20th century Benny+Bjorn. I could never say thank you to Verdi, Puccini or even Richard Rogers,one of my relatives wrote some terrific music as well,but I would love if Benny+Bjorn were in London for the concerts.

  • I’m going tomorrow, Tuesday – 24 hours to go, can’t wait.

  • Hey Ice, sure you’ll get my review as you were the first site to directly link Idina with the show and also the only one to insist that there would be two nights of Chess and not one like everyone else! (Which gave my Brother hope to go as he couldn’t make the Tuesday.) Not to mention that you brought the show itself to my attention.

    I’m going tomorrow – starting the journey from Edinburgh tonight. I’m very excited – to say the least!

  • I am really looking forward to seeing Chess at the Royal Albert Hall especially with Josh Groban, Kerry Ellis, Indina Menzel and Marti Pellow taking part! Will report back

  • Hi, I need 2 tickets for Tuesday night; please call me on 07876 404745 if you can help, thanks. Andy.

  • Really looking forward. Have been waiting years to see chess and what a special version this appears to be! Hope the monday nighters provide us with a glimpse – perhaps a few spoilers will be needed if people dont want all the suprises spoilt. Really hope thier is a cellabratory cd or dvd.

  • Just back from the Monday night performance. I don’t want to put off people with Tuesday night tickets, but I hope that tomorrow is better than tonight.

    Without going into too much detail, I felt the ‘good bits’ were amazing – the sound is just out of this world, so the big choral numbers sound fantastic. But the ‘not-so-good’ bits were just that – not so good. I got the general impression it was a bit under-rehearsed. Not sure what other people will think.

    I know they said in the programme that it is very much a period piece now, but was it only me who felt the ‘display’ was distracting? And a bit naff… It wasn’t clear if they were trying to make it like what would have been seen in 1980 or whether it was just … naff!

    One piece of advice: wear as little as you can! It is exceptionally hot, and with the hot weather it is even warmer than usual in the RAH.

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