CHESS Royal Albert Hall – The pictures… (Updated)

Idina Menzel as Florence…

Idina Menzel

Adam Pascal as Freddie welcomes you to Bangkok…

Adam Pascal during One Night In Bangkok

Svetlana was played by Kerry Ellis, seen here performing Someone Else’s Story

Kerry Ellis

David Badella’s Molokov performs The Soviet Machine

The pop choir…

One half of the West End Choir…

The West End Choir

Adam makes a fantastic Freddie Trumper – in voice and attitude…

Adam Pascal 2

Adam Pascal (3) 

Josh hears Kerry Ellis out during Endgame…

Josh Groban and Kerry Ellis

Him and her, Josh Groban and Idina Menzel, You and I

Josh Groban and Idina Menzel share some microphone love!

Josh Groban kept the hordes of Grobanites (and almost everybody else) at the Royal Albert Hall very happy…

Josh Groban

Taking the final ovation from the standing crowd…

(L-R) Idina, Adam and Marti

The proceedings were introduced by Sir Tim Rice, whose brainchild the two concerts were…

Sir Tim Rice

Please note, I am very sorry but I cannot provide larger copies of any of the photographs used. If you want to use what’s here, please remember to credit Thank you.


  • Don’t hold out on us! Where’s the bigger size of the Adam Pascal pic you used to link to this article? He was utterly fantastic, his "Pity the child" made tears well up. He seems totally overlooked next to Groban, Menzel and Ellis!

    I loved the show, great performances, a few bits could have been better but it was worth my money to see all these artists in one place, and doing what they do best! Or are known for doing best.

  • Ditto Katie’s comment…. where’s that bigger pic of Adam Pascal?
    Thanks, mate!

  • I’m afraid that the picture of Adam Pascal used in the menu was taken from further away and so, the actual segment of the shot, is actual size.

    To (hopefully) make up for it, I have now added 3 more images featuring Adam. Please reserve this thread for comments on the images, reviews will be moved to the “I Was There” thread. Thanks.

  • Fantastic phots from a great show! 🙂

  • Thnks for the update, mate! Love the pics and I hope there’s a DVD and or CD soon.

  • hope you don’t mind if I use your pics on the blog review…I didn’t take my camera cos I thought it wouldn’t be allowed…ahoj!

  • Fantastic photos Ice !

  • Were these taken with my lens? 🙂

  • great photos, thank you for posting the extra ones of Adam!
    Sure the evenings had their flaws but I would definitely buy the DVD, and I’d love to see Adam in the role of Freddie if they do a West End revival.

  • Awesome photos! I was part of the chorus in this concert and I have a photo album of the event on my facebook page with some backstage pics. Do you mind if I add your pictures to it as well, as I have none of the actual performance. Of course I’ll credit your website. Have you got any other pic of the chorus by any chance 🙂 ?

  • You can use my pictures Monica, as can anyone – just credit the site, please if reposting them to a website/forum or message board.

    I’m pretty sure I don’t have any extra of the choir, Monica, but will have a look. Can you email me using the Contact link at the bottom of the page, please?

  • do you have any more of the ‘featured ensemble’ Aoife Mulholland etc?

  • Incredible performances spoiled by the sound system.

  • monica, i wanna see them on facebook! please let me add you and see! just search me, thanks love!

  • Does anyone know if there’s gonna be a cd or a dvd? i saw they was filming alot and thought maybe??? 🙂

  • Greetings and thank you for posting the pics of the evening. I would ask permission to use them in a fan post for Idina Menzel. Full credit to you and the site will be given. As the others have stated, I am in hopes for a DVD of the concerts.

  • whats "Chess" about?

  • Suzy – thanks and go ahead.

    Amanda – I’ll send you a synopsis.

  • Suzy- Thank You!

  • Ice – thank you!

  • Hi

    I’ve added some of my own phone camera pics to my post about the concert (at the bottom). Click on any of my pics to go to the Flickr page that has all my Chess pics

  • Hi, I have just discovered your site.
    I went along to the RAH to the concert on Tuesday. Ohmygod it was fantastic, I’m a huge fan of Chess, I grew up on the original soundtrack and am a massive fan of Josh, so imagine my excitement, that the two should meet.
    Thank you for these AMAZING pictures, they are a wonderful reminder of a fantastic evening!

  • Thank you so much for the photos

    A wonderful reminder of a great evening (as much to do with all the fans as the the show!)

    Huge fan of the original concept LP (so old it was pre cd!)

    As well as a Murray Head fan (adored him in Cindy in Paris)

    Bises de londres


  • Are there any photos of Josh and Idina with the embassy officials?

  • Good question Jason these guys were one of the tightest parts of the show and yet they hardly seem to be mentioned anywhere. WHO ARE THEY? Unfortunately I don’t have a programme (because they RAN OUT on the second night not that I have the budget ), so I’ve no idea who they R. And who played Vigand (no pictures again, anywhere)? Isn’t he normally a wizened old guy?

  • I know they are called Cantabile (or the London Quartet). Found their website via google :

    yh, vigand is normally an old guy…i suppose they wanted a young good looking guy for the dvd-version


  • Brilliant pictures – fantastic reminder of what was a brilliant concert!!

  • hey, Josh fan here. Does anyone know if there’s a Chess soundtrack with Josh? I know about the original but I’m specifically looking for my Groby.

  • si esa chama que esta besando Josh Groban es la novia.. pues es bien fea su boca es horrible. Yo pienso que el es un hombre demasiado bello y puede tener una novia mas bonita que esa.. claro en tal caso de que sea su novia

  • saw Josh ,monday may 12, didn’t notice anyone else!!, cried all the way through!

    the grobanator

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