Elaine Paige on CHESS In Concert – Josh Groban “remarkable”

"Monday night: I’m full of nervous anticipation because I am seeing Chess in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Well, it’s "the next generation" up there on the stage and I love that score so much…. It proves an emotional evening. It’s strange to hear the wonderful score and timeless songs, re-interpreted by a remarkable Josh Groban and an impressive Kerry Ellis. I start to reminisce. For me, the most magical part of the night is my reunion with Björn Ulveaus, Tommy Körberg and Tim Rice. Can it really be 24 years ago that we created that double album? It’s a joy to hear the music again, and judging by the audience reaction, the game of Chess will be played for ever."

Telegraph.co.uk – Elaine’s column in full


  • Oh My Goodness. Did she really not mention Idina and Adam. Too close to home? Just not appreciated, or were Elaine’s comments edited?

  • My thoughts exactly!

  • Oh, Elaine, bless you!

  • I think she chose her words carefully – and correctly!

  • Elaine is a very honest and frank person and if she only included certain names, she did so on purpose. Let’s face it, she is no contender for the part anymore, and she has no reason to hold back these days.

  • Good choice of words from Elaine.

    Obviously she has mentioned those that she feels really held things together. Very tactful.


  • I was there on Monday too and Josh Groban rightly deserved the standing ovation he got after singing "Anthem".

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