Gold, More Gold and Thank You For The Music re-release dates announced

The classic ABBA compilation, ABBA Gold, which to date has sold more than 26 million copies worldwide, will be re-released in a so-called Super Jewel Box. The booklet has been slightly updated at the same time, and the CD features the latest remastered versions of the ABBA tracks.

The "companion CD" to ABBA Gold, More ABBA Gold – originally released in 1993 – will also be re-released at the same time. This release has undergone an even bigger overhaul, with revised liner notes, a re-designed booklet and a remastered CD.

The new versions of ABBA Gold (catalogue number 060251724732) and More ABBA Gold (catalogue number 060251724733) will be released 2 June 2008

The box set, Thank You For The Music, will also be re-released in a different format. Originally released in 1994, Thank You For The Music featured ABBA’s hits and significant album tracks, along with the first release of many rarities and hidden gems from the tape vaults. It is now re-released in a downsized format, in accordance with modern-day box set packaging. The booklet has been redesigned with different photographs, and parts of the essays and liner notes have been gently corrected and updated. The disc content remains exactly the same as in 1994.

The updated version of Thank You For The Music (catalogue number 060251743234) will be released 16 June 2008.

Note – these are the international release dates, although they may vary from territory to territory.

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  • Shouldn’t the title read "re-re-re-releases"? 😉

    Only kidding. The latest re-release of Gold (2002) wasn’t sold in enough places (i.e., the US version is still from 1992!), More Gold desperately needed an update (there has never been a version with the correct ABBA logo, for instance), and the TYFTM box? Well, someone will probably find it interesting, especially if they want more than The Definitive Collection and less than The Complete Studio Recordings.

  • I don’t suppose we can really expect anything new to come out of the Abba vaults now. It’s just a shame that there are so many great album tracks that don’t seem to reach a wider audience – Joe Public must surely know all the songs on ‘Gold’ now.

    Still – my original copy of ‘More Gold’ is rather old and tired-looking now, so I will probably invest in an updated version of that – I too hope they get the detail right such as the logo !!


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