Royal Albert Hall CHESS on CD & DVD…

By email:

"Thank you for your enquiry.  At present we have no firm date for the release of the CD and DVD of Chess in Concert.  Although we anticipate this will be shortly after the programme is first shown on US Television next Spring."

Thanks very much to Kevin Munns for the information.


  • Kevin Munns?! The same guy who met ABBA live on the Late Late Breakfast Show in 1982?!

  • Wow, so it’s going to be gathering dust for some time then?!!?

  • this might explain the casting then! Presumably the whole thing was aimed primarily at the US market!

  • Sarah,

    In the words of Hong Kong Phooey – "could be……"

  • US TV?!?!? Seriously?!?! I can’t believe they are going to show this on TV and release a DVD and CD?!?!
    It’s like a dream come true. I can’t wait!!!

  • Anyone know how they got Groban’s agents and record producers to agree to a DVD/ CD deal? Thats what screwed the ‘actors fund concert’ from putting out a CD.

  • there are definitely plans for a CD and a DVD release of the show. I have that from a very close source at Warner Bros. Records. And they want to make sure its a compelling piece as there are so many Chess and B&B fans out there.

  • @moosician: ??

    Why Warner Bros.? Shouldn’t anything CHESS-related be published through Universal/Polar or Benny’s Mono Music?

  • I would imagine it’s on WB as both Josh and Minnie are both contracted to that label.

    Wonder whether Universal will do anything to mark 25 years in 2009 of the original chess album. Even if the videaos and remixes/edits of some of the tracks were added that would be a start.

  • Please can you tell me are there any plans to do another live show / concert in the near future in Europe or the USA.

  • Why is the record company dithering, thousands of Josh fans want to buy it They will probably put it out the same day lots of other cds and dvds are out , like The Collection on dec 1 with a lot of well known other cds

  • I live in the UK and missed the concert. Will it be airing over here and will the DVD be compatable over here too?! Its just Idina and Kerry are my Idols and i would love to see them togeather!

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