Agnetha Fältskog attends Summer Party in Stockholm

Agnetha with Lolo Murray at Berns Sallonger

Agnetha with Lolo Murray at Berns Salonger

Agnetha and her friend, hair stylist Lolo Murray, were in attendance (pictured c/o Nordgren/Söderstrom), along with the likes of Tomas Brolin, Marcus Schenkenberg, Vicky Andrén, Carolina Gynning, Erik Lallerstedt, Amelia Adamo, pop/rock group The Poodles, Tony Irving and Lars Wallin.

The Count and entrepreneur Noppe Lewenhaupt is considered to be one of the King of Sweden’s best and oldest friends.

Noppe also seems to be quite a hit with both Agnetha and Frida.

In 2007, Frida attended Noppe’s 60th Birthday Party at the Pontus Restaurant also in Stockholm’s trendy Stureplan district and in 2004 she attended his ‘most recent’ wedding.

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