Agnetha Fältskog attends Summer Party in Stockholm

Agnetha with Lolo Murray at Berns Sallonger

Agnetha with Lolo Murray at Berns Salonger

Agnetha and her friend, hair stylist Lolo Murray, were in attendance (pictured c/o Nordgren/Söderstrom), along with the likes of Tomas Brolin, Marcus Schenkenberg, Vicky Andrén, Carolina Gynning, Erik Lallerstedt, Amelia Adamo, pop/rock group The Poodles, Tony Irving and Lars Wallin.

The Count and entrepreneur Noppe Lewenhaupt is considered to be one of the King of Sweden’s best and oldest friends.

Noppe also seems to be quite a hit with both Agnetha and Frida.

In 2007, Frida attended Noppe’s 60th Birthday Party at the Pontus Restaurant also in Stockholm’s trendy Stureplan district and in 2004 she attended his ‘most recent’ wedding.



  • Yeah, simply stunning!
    Love her 🙂

  • Wow ! Agnetha’s looking great in that picture.

    And note the slightly sun-tanned arms too ! Has Sweden been warm and sunny in the last few weeks ? – looks like a spot of sun-bathing might have been in order – lol !

    Nice one Icey – you’ve brightened my day !

  • What a woman! This is what I mean: she is the one with the starquality.

  • simply stunning!

  • She looks sooooo good. Ten times better than most people her age, including her former ABBA collegues. What a natural beauty! Pure class!

  • Stunning isn’t she and natural too. Nice to see her out and about a bit more these days after so long in seclusion. She is without any doubt the most charismatic and somewhat mysterious member of ABBA. Just wish she would pick up the microphone again and do another album.

  • She looks amazing les hope she will be out and about planning another album

  • Wow, she looks as she did in her Abba days, beautiful

  • oh my god beatiful…………ilove you

  • Agnetha is as mamy for me i love so much …

    mamy ilove you…..

  • wow…she looks gorgeous!…she is defo one beautiful lady!… still has the same look as she did years ago…seriously this woman will NEVER lose her looks!

  • My comments about Agnetha are just about the same as everybody else. Even though she has not preformed for awhile when she did her style was so beautiful and that voice and face. You just NEVER forget something like that. As far as I’m concerned right here is Sweden’s BEST She will never be toped never.

  • No other beauty can warm my heart except Agnetha’s.

  • she’s my alltime idol!

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