Björn to be a host on Swedish radio programme

Not many details are forthcoming from the radio station’s website apart from some facts about Björn and a photo of this year’s hosts (I think!).  Hopefully, there are some more details to follow, like the fact that the organisers have been trying to get Björn as a presenter for years! Among other topics, Björn will discuss the memory loss that afflicts him.

Björn Ulvaeus
Age: 63
Composer and lyricist
Resident in Djursholm, outside Stockholm

World Famous as one of the four "Abbas" and along with Benny Andersson one of pop history’s most successful songwriters. Together, the two created the musicals Kristina från Duvemåla, Chess and Mamma Mia!. Began his career in the east of Sweden with the group Hootenanny Singers. In 2006, he was the recipient of the Humanist Hedenius Prize to a debate based on an existence "without religion." Has run the Stockholm Marathon in 3hrs, 23 minutes and 54. seconds.

Thanks to Niclas Ericsson.

Sommar i p1 and Björn Ulvaeus

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  • If it’s true that he will talk about his memory loss, that will be very interesting for ABBA fans as he has frequently got dates and facts wrong over the years, even in high profile interviews – so much so that one might have suspected him of foul play or, indeed memory loss!

    Great site, Ice – Matty from Redhill, UK

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