‘ABBA reunited’ at the Swedish Mamma Mia! movie premiere

Agnetha will attend along with the rest of her former bandmates, attests Benny as reported in this article, published today (link below – in Swedish). The title of the piece "Hela ABBA återförenas" (All of ABBA reunited). Thanks to Steffen for the link.

Update 4 July 2008: Mamma Mia! It’s ABBA!

Aftonbladet – All of ABBA reunited

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  • What a magnificent group ABBA once was. Their music continues to touch peoples’ hearts and souls. It is just wonderful that they recently reunited in public after so many years, to give us fans a glimpse of this beloved group that we truly admire and deeply miss. I just want to say to them what all fans usually say:
    "Thank you for the Music."

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