ABBA The Movie to be re-released in cinemas

The "for one-night only" special will roll out across the U.K. Film Council’s sponsored network of digital screens, which includes 63 Cineworld venues on 13 August.

You can book tickets via the Cineworld website.

Thanks to EB for the news.

All UK and European venues; ABBA The Movie to sing in UK theatres


  • That’s great news. I recently bought the Bluray and the FilmTeknik remastered version looks sensational, especially all of the concert footage. Someday I’d like to see all the concert footage shot for the this movie edited into a real concert film.

  • Cor, what I wouldn’t give to SEE a performance of "I am an A" in any quality … I was 11 at the time and things like concerts were out of reach for this crazy young ABBA fan.

  • You lucky people! I wish it was playing here in Australia.

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