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  • Thanks for this, Ice.


  • Thank you so much ICE for an original interview

  • Phenomenal interview, with an opened up Benny. THANKS Ice!

  • Thanks for this! Truly good interview.

  • I really hope Benny is NOT thinking about bringing Kristina to theaters as a movie musical based on the success of "Mamma Mia."

    Imagine "Out of Africa" as musical cinema or "Dr. Zhivago."

    Moberg’s trilogy of novels scream opera, musical, or film but would be a potential nigntmare as a movie musical.

  • jcarpenter – you scared me with your comment! I’m relieved to see and hear that Benny didn’t even mention Kristina in relation to his possible desire to get involved with movies. Not in this interview, anyway. Yes Ice, you’re right – this is a wonderful interview and indeed unusually revealing and less-guarded. I like seeing Benny like this – maybe it was the Mediterranean surroundings?!

    Martin J

  • Hi Martin,

    Incredibly, Pierce and Meryl dropped a hint they would be available if "Kristina" became a movie.

    I certainly was reassured that Benny reacted with pleasant surprise. As good as Meryl is, she does not have the pipes to carry "Kristina" if musicalized, nor is anyone going to buy her as a young girl of 17 or 20.

    Most reassuringly, I simply cannot believe B & B would take on the Swedish court system for more than 10 years if Kristina was an idyll.

  • Actually, what happened was Expressen asked Meryl and Pierce (in the middle of their MM! promotional tour to Sweden) if they knew that Benny and Björn had written another musical, called ‘Kristina’. They both answered ‘No’.

    The next question was, would they be interested in working with Benny and Björn again, if B&B decided to make a film version of Kristina. ‘Yes’ they said because otherwise the headlines would be ‘Meryl and Pierce would never work with the ABBA men again".

    Expressen then mentions to Benny that Meryl and Pierce are up for taking on a movie version of ‘Kristina’. To which they reported he registered surprise. No wonder! He probably didn’t even mention it to them.

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