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  • Good to see their *objective* reviews. I LOVED the movie, way more than the musical in fact. And a truly great soundtrack – even Pierce Brosnan, who I’d expected to be terrible, does a really moving When All Is Said And Done.

  • yeh , When All Is Said And Done is very well done by pierce brosnan its a bueatefull song i like it very much.

  • It’s rather strange, most reviews are excellent but there are some who are really bitchy. I’ve seen the movie three times by now and I love it. Not because I am an ABBA fan, it’s just a great movie.

  • IMHO Pierce Brosnan is a truly terrible singer and I think he would admit that himself. His version of When All Is Said and Done is saved by the quality of the song and the new verse and arrangement. Still looking forward to seeing the film though!

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