Mamma Mia! It’s ABBA!

Benny takes a picture on the Rival balcony - REUTERS

Benny takes a picture of the throng on the Rival balcony – Photo: Reuters

Agnetha and Frida flank Meryl Streep - photo MATS ANDERSON

Agnetha and Frida flank Meryl Streep – Photo: Mats Anderson

On the Hotel Rival balcony - Agnetha and Frida standing together

On the Hotel Rival balcony – Agnetha and Frida standing together

Frida, Agnetha and Meryl on the red carpet - Photo: Gunnar Lundmark

Frida, Agnetha and Meryl on the red carpet – Photo: Gunnar Lundmark

BBC: The four members of pop group Abba have attended the Swedish premiere of Mamma Mia, the film which features 22 of their songs. Several thousand fans cheered as Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Faltskog walked down the red carpet in Stockholm.

The group had not met up since the original Mamma Mia musical opened in Sweden in February 2005, Lyngstad said.

And they have not performed in public since 1986, 12 years after shooting to fame by winning the Eurovision Song Contest with their track Waterloo.

Earlier, former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan, who is heard singing hits including Waterloo in the film, said he "kind of rather enjoyed" wearing tight costumes for his role.

"The Spandex was a bit of a challenge and the boots were [too]," he told reporters."But I had the time of my life making this movie."

Streep said the prospect of singing had excited her since performing in school musicals such as Oklahoma!.

"That was my beginning so it was kind of like coming home to the thing that I loved very, very much," she said.But she declined to reveal the Abba song she liked best, saying it was "like saying which of your children is your favourite".She added: "I don’t think of it in sports terms like that."

Ulvaeus praised the actors’ vocal talents in the film, which has been adapted from the hit stage musical.

"Most of them don’t think they can sing, but they can, I assure you," he said.

Links to stories/images/videos from the Stockholm premiere: BBC, ABBA PlazaDaily MailGPTV.gpwebbTV (1)webbtv (2)Washington Post, Sky News, Aftonbladet, Expressen, SvD (Photo slideshow),, The,, Reuters

Donna & Donna! Gunilla Backman and Meryl Streep

‘Swedish cast Donna’ Gunilla Backman and ‘Movie Donna’ Meryl Streep



  • Press conference in Stockholm LIVE RIGHT NOW


    Another clip here of press conference

  • Just saw FRIDA & AGNETHA together with the cast on the balcony on Sky News :o)

  • Aw, it was so sweet to see Frida and Agnetha together and obviously very close and friendly.Mind you, I’ve been more amazed by the sight of Benny actually enjoying himself during the all the publicity for the film!

  • Check out the aftonbladet website it’s the main headline,a great pic of Meryl with Frida and Agnetha and also the sky news balcony film clip with added extra footage of Agnetha,Frida and Meryl doing a dance in a circle.One happy fan here 😉

  • Sorry, wrong URL. This is the correct one:

  • It would be better if the tight black trousers were a little bigger!!!

  • are there any photos with just the four together?

  • Thanks to everyone who has posted links to further information on the Swedish Mamma Mia! premiere at Hotel Rival last evening. You will find the links gathered together (plus some extra ones) underneath the pictures.

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  • The aftonbladet tv clips have been updated.The reaction of Amanda Seyfried to hearing from the Swedish reporter that all of ABBA will be there including Agnetha is funny.She seems to be rather stunned.Also Dominic Cooper and Meryl give their reactions.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I’d been there. Any news on what happened at the after party and so on? How did Agnetha arrive – I saw no footage of her on the red carpet…. Thank to everyone for positing all the links and photos – the age of technology is our friend!
    I was watching the film in London as this all took place which was quite surreal. As on Monday, the audience loved it, clapped along and was up and dancing at the end. The Odeon gave out programmes as well – nice quality.

  • SuperWOW !! I have been knocked out with all the coverage on the TV / internet. I never imagined the movie would have the buzz that it currently has.

    Agnetha looked great – so good to see her having fun. I guess we’re more used to seeing Frida around who also looked fantastic.

    I love the fact that it was Benny who felt the need to take a photo for the record !

    Looking forward to seeing the movie in the next couple of weeks !

  • I cry whe’n I see photo Frida and Agnetha like before as good friends…

  • Here’s a brilliant piece of footage showing the entire meeting of Meryl, Agnetha and Frida on the red carpet.

  • You’re right Ian! Great to see the before and after bits. Thank you for posting the link.





    New Zealand

  • David asked if the photo circulating around the web of all four members of ABBA together is a real one…

    I can vouch that the ones I’ve seen (and there are a few around) have all been created digitally.

  • Agnetha was a real stunner!!! She is still the popstar!! What a beauty!!

  • These are great pics, and your coverage of all the MM! events has been fantastic, as always. You do such an amazing job on your website. Thank you xx

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