Swedish Mamma Mia! movie TV documentary (Updated)


  • If anyone has magic music channel 353 on sky tv there is a behind the scenes documentary on now at 8pm and it’s also ABBA weekend.
    The shows are repeated on sunday also and there is also a show, the top ABBA 25 with each track introduced by cast memebers of the stage show of MAMMA MIA.
    Videos shown during the day have included ‘That’s me’.

    Sorry to post this under the Swedish documentary post.

  • The seven network in Australia aired a 60min Mamma Mia! special on Sunday evening – new interviews with B&B, cast members and some rare archival footage of ABBA.

    B&B also discussed working on a new project together and Benny said he’d love to do another movie.

    Kristina with popcorn, anyone?

  • i Thought of the movie was just fantastic i loved the song honey honey when she had her mums diary but some how a cant find the song:{
    me and my mum went to see it and we were the only people in the cinema that were sing!!!

    i loved it im gonna get the dvd out and watch it over and over again x

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