ABBA Gold hits No.1 in UK for the 5th time (Updated)

The album first hit the top spot in its year of release (1992) and returned in 1999 for three more separate stints at No.1. Today’s chart confirms that Gold has again topped the UK Album chart. It is also the oldest album to reach the top spot in the UK chart. What an amazing feat!

At the time of writing, it holds the sixth ‘Most Chart Weeks’ of any UK album position – 365 weeks in the Top 75 and 708 weeks in the UK Top 200.

As we now know, there has been no re-release of Gold (so far, anyway) in the UK (the version on sale currently is the 30th Anniversary edition).  More ABBA Gold is, however, scheduled for release on August 25 and available now at for £7.99 (see link left).

Reuters – ABBA make history with "Gold" album
BBC News – ABBA Gold tops UK chart again
The Official UK Charts Company – Top 100 Albums


  • Fantastic news! still a surprise the new edition isn’t being released in the UK, all the ones I have seen have 30th anniversary covers on them.

  • Congratulations ABBA!

    WOO-HOO! I’m so happy to hear this news.

    It’s like I finally feel the whole world is suddenly catching on to what we all knew right from the start!

  • Yes, it gives you a special feeling to know that ‘your’ group is top of the pile again.

    Abba have now topped the UK album charts in 4 different decades.

  • Congratulations ABBA!

    WOO-HOO! I’m so happy to hear this news.

    It’s like I finally feel the whole world is suddenly catching on to what we all knew right from the start!

  • It looks like Abba Gold has gone up to number 2 not number 1. Coldplay are still top of the UK charts.


  • Hi J-ase – it looks like we’re ahead of the Official Chart site (and the Radio 1 chart page)in spreading the news. Look out for it soon on the link I posted above. Meanwhile, articles about Gold are popping up everywhere as it shoots ABBA into the record books with the oldest album to reach number 1 in the UK.

  • Fantastic news! Ice – you were actually ahead of the Radio 1 chart countdown!

  • Great news and well deserved,,Ive spent the whole night winding the other half up with facts and figures as he thinks Madonna is the be all and end all in music,,,and hes so wrong.

  • ABBA are only the 2nd Group to have No.1 UK
    Albums in 4 Decades in a row.
    The other Group are The Rolling Stones.
    Cliff Richard id the only other Act to have
    had No.1 Albums in 4 Decades in succession
    here, in the UK.

    ABBA are the only Act to have had No.1 UK Albums
    in the last 4 Decades.

    Only 6 Acts have had No.1 Albums in 4 Decades:,

    1) Elvis Presley – 1950’s, 1960’s, 1990’s, 2000’s
    2) Cliff Richard – The 1960’s to the 1990’s
    3) The Beatles – The 1960’s, 1970’s, 1990’s, 2000’s
    4) The Rolling Stones – The 1960’s to the 1990’s
    5) Tom Jones – The 1960’s, 1970’s, 1990’s, 2000’s
    6) ABBA – The 1970’s to the 2000’s

    The Top 3 Acts with the Most ALBUM Weeks at
    No.1 in the UK are:, (No.1 Albums in Brackets)

    A) The Beatles – 174 Weeks (15)
    B) Elvis Presley – 63 Weeks (11)
    C) ABBA – 56 Weeks (9)

    ‘Gold’ sold 30,254 copies to go to No.1 –
    4,412 more than the Week before, when it sold
    25,842 to be at No.2.

    To Midnight on Saturday, 2nd August, its
    total UK Sales were 4,191,426. It will easily
    sell the 8,574 needed to earn a 14th UK Platinum
    Award. It will do that during this Week.
    (14 X 300,000 = 4,200,000)

  • "Nothing more to say, no more ace to play and all we shout:
    The winner takes it all !!!!!!!!!!
    Glory ABBA 4 ever.

  • I’m tickled pink! Fabulous news for a fabulous group!

  • ABBA is and will always be timeless music to be enjoyed by many generations!

  • ….and it´s still no.1 !!! 10.august 2008.
    and the original cast recording climbs up to 16(24).

  • ‘Gold’ remained at No.1 by selling 38,161
    copies – up by 7,907 on the previous Week.
    Yes, the Studio Cast Album is up from 24 to
    16, & ’18 Hits’, by ABBA, is up from No.58
    to No.51. (‘Gold’ is now on 4,229,587 Sales in
    the UK).

    The ‘Mamma Mia!’ Film Soundtrack remains
    at No.2 in the Compilation Chart, but I hear
    that its Sales are up on last Week – and it sold
    over 63,000 last Week.

    The ‘Gold’ DVD remains at No.2, in the Music DVD
    Chart, & ‘Mamma Mia’ – ABBA – is up from
    No.71 to No.68 in the Singles Chart. Its 4th
    Chart Week, (Top 75), in 2008, & its 18th
    Chart Week since late 1975, when it first
    entered our Charts.

    ‘Honey Honey’ – from the Film – is up
    from No.80 to No.69.

    ‘Gold’ also rises to No.1 in Ireland – from
    No.5. It is its 3rd time at No.1 there – 3 Weeks
    in 1992, 4 Weeks in 1999, & 1 Week – so far –
    in 2008.

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