ABBA – The Albums box set due in October

ABBA The Albums - new box set

ABBA The Albums new box set released in October 2008

From A quarter of a century after ABBA last recorded together, they are back on top again – bigger than ever! Following on from this summer’s extraordinary success with the Mamma Mia! movie and its soundtrack, and ABBA Gold storming up the charts to become a number one hit album again, Polar Music International is pleased to announce the release of ABBA – The Albums.

ABBA – The Albums, released October 27, 2008, is a box set containing ABBA’s eight studio albums plus a bonus disc of single sides and additional tracks. This box set, packaged in an attractive, embossed cardboard box, is the ultimate ABBA collection, telling the musical story of one of the most successful groups in the history of popular music.

On early albums such as Ring Ring (1973) and Waterloo (1974), we witness Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida’s first steps as they are trying to figure out just what ABBA were about. The journey continues with ABBA (1975), Arrival(1976), ABBA – The Album (1977) and Voulez-Vous (1979), capturing the band’s glory years as one of the most successful musical entities on the planet. Finally, there is the winding-down on Super Trouper (1980) and The Visitors (1981), as the story reaches its inevitable end. The Bonus Tracks CD collects the single hits that never made it onto one of ABBA’s original albums – Fernando, Summer Night City and Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), to name a few – plus a number of rare single B-sides and Swedish-language album tracks.

ABBA – The Albums 

Ring Ring

  1. Ring Ring
  2. Another Town, Another Train
  3. Disillusion
  4. People Need Love
  5. I Saw It In The Mirror
  6. Nina, Pretty Ballerina
  7. Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
  8. Me And Bobby And Bobby’s Brother
  9. He Is Your Brother
  10. She’s My Kind Of Girl
  11. I Am Just A Girl
  12. Rock’n Roll Band


  1. Waterloo
  2. Sitting In The Palmtree
  3. King Kong Song
  4. Hasta Mañana
  5. My Mama Said
  6. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
  7. Honey, Honey
  8. Watch Out
  9. What About Livingstone
  10. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
  11. Suzy-Hang-Around


  1. Mamma Mia
  2. Hey, Hey Helen
  3. Tropical Loveland
  4. SOS
  5. Man In The Middle
  6. Bang-A-Boomerang
  7. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
  8. Rock Me
  9. Intermezzo No.1
  10. I’ve Been Waiting For You
  11. So Long


  1. When I Kissed The Teacher
  2. Dancing Queen
  3. My Love, My Life
  4. Dum Dum Diddle
  5. Knowing Me, Knowing You
  6. Money, Money, Money
  7. That’s Me
  8. Why Did It Have To Be Me
  9. Tiger
  10. Arrival

The Album

  1. Eagle
  2. Take A Chance On Me
  3. One Man, One Woman
  4. The Name Of The Game
  5. Move On
  6. Hole In Your Soul
  7. Thank You For The Music*
  8. I Wonder (Departure)*
  9. I’m A Marionette*

*The Girl With The Golden Hair – 3 scenes from a mini-musical 


  1. As Good As New
  2. Voulez-Vous
  3. I Have A Dream
  4. Angeleyes
  5. The King Has Lost His Crown
  6. Does Your Mother Know
  7. If It Wasn’t For The Nights
  8. Chiquitita
  9. Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
  10. Kisses Of Fire

Super Trouper

  1. Super Trouper
  2. The Winner Takes It All
  3. On And On And On
  4. Andante, Andante
  5. Me And I
  6. Happy New Year
  7. Our Last Summer
  8. The Piper
  9. Lay All Your Love On Me
  10. The Way Old Friends Do

The Visitors

  1. The Visitors
  2. Head Over Heels
  3. When All Is Said And Done
  4. Soldiers
  5. I Let The Music Speak
  6. One Of Us
  7. Two For The Price Of One
  8. Slipping Through My Fingers
  9. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room

Bonus CD

  1. Merry-Go-Round
  2. Santa Rosa
  3. Ring Ring (bara du slog en signal) [Swedish Version]
  4. Waterloo (Swedish Version)
  5. Fernando
  6. Crazy World
  7. Happy Hawaii
  8. Summer Night City
  9. Medley: Pick A Bale Of Cotton – On Top Of Old Smokey – Midnight Special
  10. Lovelight
  11. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
  12. Elaine
  13. Should I Laugh Or Cry
  14. You Owe Me One
  15. Cassandra
  16. Under Attack
  17. The Day Before You Came


I actually quite like the idea of this box set and can certainly see the sense in releasing it. ABBA are attracting a lot of new fans these days and this box set is a great way for them to collect all the original studio albums in one place. Just the fact that it’s a new collection at a time when the world is buying ABBA records in their droves again, will ensure that it gets promoted over and above the older box sets/multi-album collections and I believe that there is a market for a new and curious audience to delve into the entire back-catalogue of albums.  If you’re a long-time, die-hard fan and wind up being offended by the release in any way, please consider that right now, you might not be the entire target market. Please don’t whinge and moan on here about the release, simply don’t buy it.  Then you will have made your point.


  • Beautiful packaging.

  • Yeah – great logo design. I’m with you on the idea of the set Icey, it makes sense. You can’t blame Universal, the record business is about money, money, money and the development of new acts etc.

    More money in the "ABBAs" coffers doesn’t bother me either. They’ve earned it as far as I’m concerned for producing music of such quality that 30+ years later a record company is even interested enough to put out a collection like this.

    I won’t be buying it as there’s nothing new for me. For new fans though – that have really found they’ve gotten into this ‘ancient’ group – via Mamma Mia! the movie and want to discover more, it could be a great way to indulge their new-found ABBA curiosity/passion.

  • How lovely to see the original albums as we heard them at the time, no extra tracks……beautiful packaging.

  • I am so glad that other fans are happy to see new releases. If you don’t want it, dont buy it and please dont slag off Universal. They do a fantastic job, despite what some sites say.
    I can’t wait to get the box set, and I hope like me you’ll enjoy it!

  • ABBA are one of the few music acts who fully deserve such a collection. I would however, suggest that the 2005 release ‘ABBA – the complete recordings’ offered the buyer more for their money. Not only were there the eight studio albums, but also a live dvd; the complete videos dvd; and a disc of rare recordings.

    No record company has re-released on to compact disc, at least not since 1992, ABBA’s original greatest hits compliations: greatest hits (other than the Swedish re-issue); greatest hits volume two; and ABBA – the first ten years. Nor, for that matter, has their Spanish album, gracias por la musica, been re-packaged. If a boxset was to be released that contained all of ABBA’s studio albums and original greatest hits compliations, well, I’m sure many a collector would be happy. Include a dvd of their Australian ‘best of ABBA’ 1975 television performance and you have a product that can only be described as being totally awesome!

    Whatever choices Univeral make, I’m glad that ABBA’s music is stilll going strong and that they have taken their rightful place in music history.

  • I probably wont bother,,,it may look pretty but after all, it is exactly the same as we’ve had a hundred times before, however should it turn up in the Bargain Basement somewhere I may buy it just for the collection….An understandable release, theres a whole new generation just discovering them and Im amazed a single from the soundtrack wasnt released to coincide with the movie anyhow so its about time a little cynical something appeared.

  • rare recordings??? some of them could have been rare back in 1982..but after the Remasters, the TYFTM boxset, the complete recordings, the deluxe versions, the singles boxset I suppose songs such as "Crazy World" or "Elaine" are not to be considered rarities! "I am an A"is a rarity, "Hovas vittne" is a rarity not to mention complete versions of the ABBA undelated medley…Being a long time fan after the release of "the complete recordings" I’ve decided to stop buying the same stuff with little graphics tricks. I understand Universal is trying to attract new fans but new generations will probably go for cheaper and more essential collections.
    ciao from Milan

  • I won’t buy this because I already have these albums several times over, but I wish this one had been released before some of the others. I like the really simple, understated packaging and even the simple name. I also like that the albums are in their original form and that the extras are on another disk. This is a great simple collection. Over the years lots of friends have asked me which collection they should buy if they want to delve deeper into the ABBA collection – now I know which one to recommened them.

  • The box is quite classy but the rarities cd is very odd.
    Why no ‘Put on your white sombereo’,’I am the city’ or ‘Dream world’?
    I wonder if this has something to do with plans to celebrate 10 years of’Mamma Mia’next April and the ABBA museum opening as there are rumoured new cd’s such as the live double etc maybe a new rarities cd.

  • I hope the packaging is better quality than the shoddy work we saw on "The Complete Recording Sessions".

    As for new CD’s, I suspect we have already heard most of what B&B will let out of the archives. A new improved live album would be good and I still hope to have a full unedited high quality "Just Like That" one day…

  • OK, I won’t whinge and moan, and won’t buy either. LOL !

    Now if only this could be one big box full of vinyl LPs….now that would get me going !

  • Re: rare recordings.

    When I spoke about the disc containing ‘rare recordings’ on ‘ABBA the complete recording sessions’ I used that term as that is generally what they are referred to as being. They do not appear on any of the original studio album releases and certainly not on compilation albums aimed at the mass market. Certainly, if you are a collector then they will be familiar to you but they would not be known to the twenty-somethings singing ‘Mamma Mia’ on a Friday night at the local karaoke bar!

    I still stand by my original statement that ‘the complete recording sessions’ is the better of the two boxsets as it does contain all of their commmercial releases (apart from ‘hej gamle man’). As for titles like ‘hovas vittne’, in the context that it was recorded, it is separate to the rest of ABBA’s material – it was not their intention to release it on any ABBA album or as a single ‘b’ side so it shouldn’t be expected to be included on any ABBA packages. I do however, take your point about ‘just like that’ deserving to make its appearance on some form of collection in its entirety.

  • Whilst I do get the rationale behind the release, it is disappointing given the recent Complete Studio Recording releases that could have been re-promoted. I wonder how this will be priced. I suppose we should be grateful there isn’t 1 rare track that renders the purchase necessary!!!! Is there any news on a new Live CD or Chess Remastered with rare tracks?

  • The problem is that any ‘New’ Fans, attracted to
    ABBA by ‘Mamma Mia!’, (Film), are really not going
    to risk buying a 9 CD Box Set – incase they find
    that many ABBA Album Tracks are weak, & ‘fillers’.

    That is clear by the number of Fans who I’ve seen
    in Forums, who won’t even buy 1 ABBA Studio Album,
    because they are scared of not liking the Tracks
    that they don’t already know. (A great many ‘New’
    Fans only know the Singles).

    So, it is hard to see who is going to buy this
    9 CD Box Set. Most long-time Fans are not going to
    bother with it – and nor will most ‘New’ Fans.

    I think that Universal could have come up with
    something more sensible than this, to ‘celebrate’
    ABBA, in October.

    And, the ‘Rarities’ CD is anything but. ABBA
    Fans can see that there is nothing ‘rare’ about it.
    It may well be ‘rare’ to ‘New’ Fans, but most of
    them will never get to hear it, as there is no
    way they will pay for a 9 CD Box Set…..

    This was not a ‘moan’ – it was a perfectly
    reasonable summing up, of who the Box Set will
    be bought by – just a tiny percentage of the ‘New’
    Fans, who were attracted to ABBA by the Film.

  • I think a perfectly reasonably summing up of who will buy this box is to say that some new fans will and most won’t and some old fans will and most won’t. Conclusion: it’s a minority market but one that Universal’s bean counters and marketing department thinks is worth chasing.

  • I think a perfectly reasonably summing up of who will buy this box is to say that some new fans will and some won’t and some old fans will and some won’t.

  • ohhh!

    i just wish someday thay will include in an album of rarities the song "I AM AN A", it’s so good
    and "get on the carousel" too

    but the fact that they are releasing the 8 albums together!!!!
    WOW! OMG!

  • I wonder, what happened with the "Gracias por la Musica" LP?… it is not an Abba album too?, why constanly Universal again and again reject the release that album?

  • Nossa, é uma das melhores notícias depois de Mamma Mia!The Movie !!
    Obrigada e Parabéns a Benny e Bjorn por mais esse sucesso!

  • If you are young and got an interest on ABBA, you can easily buy one of the previously released compilations or boxed sets… there’s no point in releasing a new one! I’d recommend the "Thank You For The Music" one, that was recently re-released in a slightly new package.

    I never understood why Universal puts so many different compilations out there. The real basic compilations are "ABBA Gold" and "More ABBA Gold", plus "The Definitive Collection" is you want all the singles in chronological order. That’s all, nobody need "Number Ones", "18 Hits", "The Name of The Game" and such. That’s absolutely pointless! Why do not focus in promoting the ones I mentioned? They prefer to split the people’s interest into so many different releases, that’s not wise if you ask me!

    They just want to milk the ABBA cow again. Only die-hard ABBA collector are gonna get this ‘new’ set. Don’t count me in…

  • Won’t be buying this. Nothing new. Just Universal’s greed in "cashing in" in another moment. If it weren’t for us ABBA fans 30 years ago Abba would never have been popular, there would be no Mamma Mia. Universal and the former members know we want Just Like That, Hovas Vittne ,alternative mixes of Does Your Mother Know, Like An Angel, The Visitors, etc.. I may not be the target market but I find this box set insulting.

  • I wonder if the cd covers are made from the same material as the complete studio recordings danish version (almost like paper sleeves in this case ) or more strong, like cardboard sleeves. let’s wait and see…

  • We want abba cd covers well manufactured, not poor paper covers.

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