ABBA’s ‘Like An Angel Passing Through My Room’ by Madonna


  • I’m not sure on the download rules for unreleased/otherwise unavailable material but you can do just that from this site:

    [link removed] – Olivia, please see my email to you – Ice.

  • Sounds great, hopefully it will be released as a bonus cut on a future cd. That has always been one of my favorite ABBA songs with Frida singing lead. I’d love to see Frida work with William Orbit, can you imagine her voice, with that mix…YUM.

  • I’ve always liked this song and loved the way it brought the original ABBA ‘The Visitors’ album to a close.
    Madonna does a fantastic version of it and i’m glad America is waking up to these gems.Hope it gets a release.

  • It’s credible she could have recorded this back in those days, as that was when her creativity was more influenced by the coming of her first daughter. This Benny/Björn masterpiece always resembled a kind of lullaby or late-in-the-night song with it’s iconic ticking clock sound throughout the track, so as an experiment (and as a tribute to an ever impeccable "album closer"), it could have complemented naturally the closing of Ray of Light following the ending of "Mer Girl".
    Beautifully performed here by Madonna, by the way; and the typical-Orbit string-arrangement suits it very well.

  • This is a very nice, stately rendition that fortunately avoids the overwrought, weepy vocals that Madonna often employs on her softer ballads. At the same time the heavy treatment on Madonna’s vocals creates some emotional distance that this song, as a personal confession, really needs.

  • Madonna recorded it for her 2000 ‘Music’
    sessions, rather than her 1998 ‘Ray of Light’
    sessions, according to several Madonna Fans, whom
    I’ve spoken to.
    I was amazed to see that some Madonna Sites
    did not know it was an ABBA song! Then again, a
    lot of Madonna Fans did not realise that the
    ‘riff’ in ‘Hung Up’, was from an ABBA song…..

  • Mmmmmmm…..(ponders)…multi layered vocals and yet the vocals are still thin… aint Frida is it?
    Wonderfull that her Madgesty has recorded a couple of ABBA tracks and obviously has good taste now, despite calling them ‘cheesey’ in her younger days but ABBAs version is still by far the supreme version.Its always good to hear these covers and long may it continue.

  • Madonna does a fantastic job singing this song. So much emotion an depth. Much, much better then Frida! Frida pulls of very dull and flat vocals if you ask me. This wonderful melody finally gets the a good treatment! Thank you Madonna!

  • Of course, the last thing we need is a Madge vs Frida debate, so thanks Charles for your input and opinion but let’s all not get drawn into the argument.

    Both sets of fans will have a favourite – personally, it’s great to be able to compare Frida and Madonna (two very different singers, I’m sure we’d agree) but not to the detriment of one or the other.

    A cover version, be it Madonna’s, Sissel’s, Anne Sofie von Otter’s or anyone else’s sets itself up for comparison by its very nature but let’s just be glad that one of ABBA’s lesser known songs gets the interest it does.

    Bravo Frida! Bravo Madonna! And Bravo Benny and Björn!

  • Well on the Madonna fan side, the inevitable Madonna / Frida duet mixes are becoming available, nothing spectactular as yet, but interesting, im sure there will be many more. I must say that I like the Madonna version alot, cant compare though, I like both.

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