Björn is asked about ABBA’s latest run of success

ABBA has never been bigger says one "B", Björn Ulvaeus

Mamma Mia! – the musical played around the world. In Sweden alone, 1,002,598 visitors saw 555 performances of the show.

The movie, since the premiere on July 11, has been seen by 560,223 cinema-goers across the country. 

"That the film would have an impact and get people to be curious and go back to the roots, I did think would happen. But for it to have such an impact and so quickly, I had not expected," says Björn Ulvaeus.

Expressen: The disc ABBA Gold is one of England’s biggest hits again – even though the disc was released 16 years ago…

"The English are mad and they have been there forever," Björn explains with a laugh.

Expressen: Hysteria around the band is growing all the time – 26 years after the band dissolved. Have ABBA ever been bigger?

"Not in this way, as it is now. There is some element of making pop history now. There was another dimension though, when we were active. It was also huge – even if it didn’t always feel like that in Sweden."

Expressen: Why should it happen? Why the new ABBA-success? 

"And I am not the man to answer. I have pondered it, but it is not possible to know.  There are many people who congratulate me about it but there are just as many congratulations for my Sommar program on the radio," says Björn and laughs.

And while Allsång på Skansen has its conclusion tonight with an ABBA-theme (the Swedish "Mamma Mia" choir is involved as well as Benny Anderssons Orkester), Björn is secretive about what will happen.  

"You’ll see tomorrow" (read tonight).

Expressen interview with Björn

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  • I have seen Mamma Mia! the movie 3 times and will see it again.

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