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"To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the long-playing record, Universal Music Group is delighted to announce the release of 80 titles (in four batches) on much-loved 30cm black vinyl across 2008, starting with the first batch of 20 titles in July 2008. All will be exact replicas of the original packages. Classics of the past sixty years will be available again!

But this is not merely some history exercise for dewy-eyed oldies. Each album contains a voucher enabling the purchaser to download MP3 versions of the songs within. The releases will begin in July."

ABBA The Album 2008 vinyl

ABBA The Album 2008 vinyl

icethesite reader, Andrew has told of his thwarted attempts to find the album in the UK until he stumbled across online store what records and shares the direct link to The Album Deluxe Gatefold 180 gram Audiophile Vinyl LP (below). The picture on the website does not reflect that the album being sold features the blue cover we got back in 1978. Andrew’s pictures of his own copy (in protective clear case) bought from the site are shown above.

The black sticker reads: Back To Black, 60th Anniversary premium audiophile pressing on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl in all original packaging.

The price of the album is £16.99.

what records – ABBA The Album 2008 vinyl

10 Comments on "Buy ABBA – The Album vinyl in the UK"

  • Thanks for the info Ice and Andrew.
    Ive been watching the usual Mail Order outlets and seen nothing so glad you put this item on.
    Id begun to think it had been, gone and was forgotten about.

  • Great thanks for the info.I always thought the UK sleeve was the best being a gatefold and blue in colour as opposed to the overseas white single sleeve.

  • Hi
    glad to help,if anyone has any info on the USA release and the Australian release i would like to know more about these.I’m guessing the plain white sleeve?? .

  • Ordering information for the USA/Australia, comes courtesy of Ian Cole’s ABBA World blog : where it is reported that the same UK ‘blue’ gatefold sleeve is used.



  • Indeed. It’s the same "made in EU" album available everywhere, despite the white Polar sleeve being shown on all webstores.

  • Fantastic news – I may well go for it LOL !



  • A wonderful album! Aaaaahhh…..! Listen to One man one woman and the musicianship in I am a Marionette.
    One of their best and happiest albums I think.

  • My copy arrived this morning – took me back to when I was twelve years old – all I need now is a record player on which to play it (shucks!)

  • Have to admit my first reaction on reading this was "why The Album above the other LPs?? The Album does contain some my favourite ABBA songs but it?s not the one I would have chosen as the best to represent ABBA for a vinyl collectors piece.
    My personal ideal vinyl collector copy would be Arrival but a special vinyl release would have been the first greatest hits which would have also had a choice of international covers to select from. Certainly in the UK second-hand copies of the Album original gatefold version are very easy to find if people want just the cover as I would expect most people no longer have a record player to play the new album on, or even all the original albums and singles which I am sure we all keep stored in cases somewhere, so its a bit of a luxury buy. ( note for all younger ABBA fans in their first heyday we only had vinyl or tapes, no CDs, mp3 files or downloads and be very grateful you don’t have the Stylis jumping issues we would often have especially on the LPs)

    One pleasing feature is that they have finally had the confidence to re-release an ABBA album as it was released first in 1978 – one problem with the way the albums have been constantly released with extra tracks, booklets, DVDs etc is that it has diluted the original format of the albums and just helps fuel the charge that ABBA are "just a singles band" as the albums original formats can be adapted so freely. I know ABBA did this their selves a fair bit e.g. Fernando on the Arrival album which has always jarred also that the albums were never set in stone as self contained or concept as other LPs issued by other artists at the time but there are several cases of when ABBA left of songs as they did not feel right for the album but have now been added to the play list (put on your white sombrero on the Super Trouper album).

  • The Album was released as it is its 30th Anniversary. Arrival has already been issued on heavy vinyl etc so its out there should you want it.Its an American issue with a bonus track. Poydor SVLP 198.

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