ABBA Museum opening delayed

On June 4, 2009, ABBA the Museum was scheduled to open in Stockholm. But it has become clear that the project is more complicated than what was predicted earlier, and also that the renovation of the 100-year-old Stora Tullhuset – the location of the museum – will take longer than expected. This means that it’s not possible to open ABBA the Museum in Stockholm in 2009.

– It’s better to make this decision at an early stage, even though it’s a sad message. Everyone involved has high expectations, but now we are faced with the facts that we won’t be able to open June 4 on the intended premises. Therefore we have to take appropriate action and review our plans, and open ourselves to new ideas. Because there is no doubt that there will be an ABBA museum, although it may take a while longer than expected, says Ulf Westman, founder of ABBA the Museum.

As a first step in this new process, the museum management has agreed with the building-owner Stockholms Hamnar (Ports of Stockholm) to cancel the present agreement. This provides an opportunity to find new solutions and to keep all doors open at this stage. It remains to be seen whether the museum ultimately will be located in the original premises of Stora Tullhuset.

– To create an ABBA museum is a fantastic initiative, both for Stockholm and for ABBA lovers the world over. We really hope that a solution will be found and that the museum will become a reality, preferably at Stora Tullhuset, says Christel Wiman, CEO/Group Managing Director of Stockholms Hamnar.

Despite this sad news, the initiators have a bright outlook on the future. The interest in the museum is incredibly large the world over and new investors are entering the project, which will secure its financial future. There is no doubt that there will be an ABBA museum, although it may take a while longer than expected

Those who have purchased tickets may use their right to receive a refund.

For more information, please contact:

Ulf Westman, founder ABBA the Museum +46-70-496 40 20,

ABBA Museum press release


  • F***!!!

  • Email just sent out to ticket buyers:

    To those who have purchased tickets for ABBA the Museum!

    The renovation of the 100 year old building where ABBA the Museum was meant to open is more extensive and will take much longer than expected.

    This means that ABBA the Museum will not be able to open in Stockholm on June 4, 2009.

    This is very sad news for everyone involved, and especially for you, who have purchased tickets. It may not provide very much consolation, but we will naturally give you a refund for the tickets and the entire opening packages. More information on how this will be done will be sent to you within a few weeks. Please await this information.

    There will definitely be an ABBA museum, but at this stage we don?t know where or when. All news will be communicated through our website

    Best regards

    ABBA the Museum.

  • ahora ni se sabe cuando ni donde va a estar el museooo…
    pero nos da mas tiempo para recaudar dineroo y poder viajar a suecia cuando DEFINITIVAMENTE se establezca la fecha y el lugar del museo?

    (We neither know when or where will be the museum … but it gives us more time to raise money and be able to travel to Sweden when the date and location of the museum is definitely established?)

  • I understood the City of Stockholm was to pay for the renovation of Stora Tullhuset and the ABBA Museum would then rent the building from Stockholms Hamnar. So the problem must be the City of Stockholm balked at the renovation costs, forcing the Museum to acquire outside investment capital…probably a sponsorship deal.

  • I hope it does open somewhere,it does sound like there is more to it than the state of the building.
    It is a shame that the original Polar studios wasn’t the location for a smaller museum.It has more meaning.

  • I feel really sorry for those people (and there are many I know) who have based entire European/Sweden trips on visting the opening of the museum – both from here in the UK and also Brazil, Australia and Singapore. Flights are booked and paid for, accommodation is reserved and now the main attraction will need to be substituted and just won’t be the same. Something has gone seriously, seriously wrong and it’s no wonder that many questions now need answering.

    I do wonder if the museum idea will ever truly recover?

  • Hi
    just wondered if anybody have gone for the refund option with the museum.
    I have until 30th dec to decide and i am not sure what to do.
    Has anybody heard anything new at all about what is happening


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