Benny writes new song for show premiere

Benny has provided the music, Calle Norlén has written the lyrics. "I have worshipped Benny Andersson for so long," Calle tells Swedish QX magazine, "that to work on this song together, is like working with a god for me.  He is at the same level as Paul McCartney, Elton John and David Bowie and right now [due to the success of the Mamma Mia! soundtrack] is in the Top Ten in the USA and England."

The song, entitled Jag Vill Bli Gammal (I Want To Grow Old), will be performed at the end of Act 2 at the premiere at Rival…."or the director Tomas Alfredson might decide on something quite different," says Calle, "as rehearsals are ongoing."

QX – Benny Andersson writes song for Sissela’s show

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