Björn’s Mamma Mia! movie award acceptance speech in full

Björn at the National Movie Awards

Björn at the National Movie Awards

"This is very emotional for me, getting this fantastic prize from an Australian lady, here in the UK. The two countries, I think, more than any other countries have taken ABBA to their hearts. And it all happened in another century!

It all began in a town on the south coast of England with the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, 1974. And here I am now because the songs that Benny Andersson and I wrote have mysteriously, miraculously and marvelously survived to this day.

I really want to take this opportunity to thank you people out there, who generation after generation have carried these songs forward and kept them alive. And also, of course, I want to thank all the movie goers for taking the trouble to vote, and to vote for Mamma Mia!.

You know, I have always been surrounded by strong women. It’s been my good fortune! And lately, by ladies like Meryl Streep, Julie Walters and Christine Baranski to name but a few – but you know what I’m talking about! And for the past ten years it’s been my pleasure to work with three ladies who are the real ‘Dynamos’, the force behind Mamma Mia! the show as well as Mamma Mia! the movie, and this award is really theirs…Phyllida Lloyd, Director, Judy Craymer, Producer and Catherine Johnson, Writer.

This award is really theirs."

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YouTube – Björn’s speech (Thanks to Ian Cole)


  • What a gracious speech. Acknowledging the ABBA fans old and new, the Mamma Mia! fans, the film cast, the three women behind the musical, and even those other "strong women" he has worked with. And for once, he’s not making comments about "I don’t understand why ABBA is still popular" or "we wore such ugly costumes". Bravo, Björn! Congratulations Mamma Mia!

  • I just wanted to say a heartfelt congratulations
    to Bjorn, Benny, Phyllida,Judy,Catherine and Meryl.
    In fact, Congratulaions to everyone involved!

    And an acknowledgement to Agnetha and Frida for such fantastic work, all those years ago.
    Thankyou for 30 years of sheer pleasure!

    Ps Maybe Bjorn feels that this is enough for him to not feel the need to apologise anymore.!

  • Congratulations, Björn! To say this is well-deserved is an understatement!
    Much love & admiration,
    Ginger in Nashville

  • Yes a very obvious and deserved acknowledgement to Agnetha and Frida but i think also to Lena who lets not forget has been by his side for almost 30 years! What do they say, behind every good man…..

  • Yes, Anne – well observed. And what a wonderful speech, it’s true.

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