Kristina från Duvemåla performer releases new album

Niklas Anderson - new album

Niklas Andersson – new album

On the album Musikal Favoriter recorded with special guests and the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Niklas has recorded Anthem, You and I (with Åsa Fång) and Guldet blev till sand.

On his website, Niklas talks about performing in Kristina från Duvemåla as being the pinnacle of his career and recalls some of the best moments…"Benny and Björn’s beautiful music, working with director Lars Rudolfsson, the atmosphere in the ensemble, the stunning sets and performing for sold-out houses night after night. In short, to be part of such an extraordinary musical event!"

Niklas recalls the reprise of Ut mot ett hav was the culmination of his nightly performances as Robert and he revels in how the words and music of that song follow each other so perfectly and naturally. He also comments on how wonderful it was to be singing songs of such meaning in his native language and not ones translated from English.

You can read more about Niklas Andersson on his official website (some song samples are available to listen to). His album is available to order from Swedish music stores, including 

CDON – Niklas Anderson: Musikal Favoriter

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