Mamma Mia! still doing big business

Universal’s ABBA musical adaptation earned the No. 1 spot on the overseas circuit for the second frame running with an estimated $17.5 million take from 4,296 screens in 44 territories during the weekend.

"Mamma Mia!" opened on top in France, with an estimated $2.4 million from 462 screens; Belgium, with $1 million from 55 dates; and Mexico, with $850,000 at 294 dates.

The movie’s international cume is $307 million.

Holdovers include Korea, with $3.4 million in its second stanza bringing its local total to $9.5 million, and Britain, where "Mamma Mia!" pulled in $1.9 million at 444 dates for a 66-day count of $116 million.

"Mamma Mia!" has another 15 markets to launch, including Italy on Oct. 3 and Japan on Jan. 30.

The Hollywood Reporter – article by Etan Vlessing

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  • I read today that Mamma Mia is the most successful film in my country, Austria, so far this year. The article stressed the fact that other movies started off much better, but Mamma Mia did better in the long run. They said this shows that marketing etc. can help having a good start, but in the end, it’s word of mouth that counts.

  • I have seen Mamma Mia! 7 times.

  • This is my favorite movie ever! I have seen it 4 times and I can’t wait to see it again! Meryl Streep is the most amazing actress ever! She can do any role they think up. With movies that are good, but not amazing I always say, "It would have been better with Meryl Streep!" And it is so true! I love Meryl Streep!!!!!!!!!

  • I have been out of the UK for a couple of weeks so came back and decided to go to the cinema to see a film – it was rubbish but i won’t say which one (it wasn’t Mamma Mia obviously). Anyway, I was amazed to see, that after 10 weeks, all performances of Mamma Mia were sold out for Friday evening and this wasn’t just at this cinema, but other local cinemas too.

    Amazing after all this time. Will MM break the $500m mark?


  • The magic of ABBAs music is enjoyed and a pure JOY.

    Mama Mia is doing so well and it has also created a new generations interest in a band that stopped almost 30 years ago.
    I noticed ABBA gold on the charts as Number 1 in Australia as well as the Mama Mia sound track and then again yesterday saw that a ‘new compilation of ABBA hits’ has hit the Australian Number one position again!

    I would like to see a release of ‘Just Like That’ as a sngle. This brilliant single was recorded by ABBA but never released and it would be a great song appreciated by so many today.
    I Am The City and Put On Your White Sombrero are other alternatives that would fly to the top of the charts.

    A LIVE album would be viable as the band were great in concert and did create terrific shows.

    I am so glad they never got back together to perform as it would be a sad reflection upon the former energy and vibrance – ABBA dont need the money, they are loaded and good luck to them – they earnt it through hard work.
    I almost wish they would get back just in the studio to record an album with NO tours and NO frills just to have that magic of Agneatha and Frida hit the charts with new great music again
    My kids love ABBA. I work in a respite centre for the people with cerebral palsy. We have had ABBA parties in Perth , Australia. The Joy created in these events is unsurpassed. The great achievement by ABBA is that they created different songs on every album. So many bands today sound all the same.
    The success of ABBA is NO accident. Universal accolades in support for the music and the film mama Mia is global like no other band in history to the same extent crossing every generation barrier.

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