Royal Albert Hall CHESS CD news

She said that it will be in December that we’ll be able to hear Josh Groban, Idina Menzel, Kerry Ellis, Adam Pascal et al performing Benny, Björn and Tim’s masterpiece. No mention of the DVD was made or how hard it might have been to fix the sound.

Thanks to Lee for the news.

Elaine’s last show on BBC iPlayer – not always available


  • If you look at the Chess page on Tim Rice’s website it’s been updated in the last few days indicating a definite DVD release and performance of the recording in a series of programmes scheduled for USA in January and a mention that the BBC will be broadcasting the show.

  • wow – thats great news! If the sound problem was a royal albert hall issue you only have to look at great recordings such as les mis concert and alw’s 50th concert. I think the sound will be sorted otherwise they would not release it. Looking most forward to dvd as well as cd.

  • That was a joke about fixing the sound, actually. Okay – not a very good one, I admit. I’m sure the sound will be pristine!

  • having not been able to attend the Albert Hall event this is fantastic news – about both the CD and DVD . . .

    roll on December – at the very least . . .

    hmmm – Christmas presents sorted methinks!

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