5 CD Agnetha compilation (Updated)

Original Album Classics artwork

Agnetha Fältskog – Original Album Classics artwork

You can keep an eye on what little details there are (at present) at online Swedish stores. The Cupol release date on cdon.com is given as 29 September 2008 and the price as SEK249.00. Catalgue number: SME-8869735-2352. Many thanks to Paul Scutti for the news.

Update: The following albums make up the set:

Agnetha Fältskog (1968)
Agnetha Fältskog Vol 2 (1969)
Som jag är (1970)
När en vacker tanke blir en sång (1971)
Elva kvinnor i ett hus (1975)

Original Album Classics

Original Album Classics

It would apear that the original album cover design (as shown left) has been replaced by the Tio år med photograph, as illustrated by the cover art photos (above) from Harry in Austria who has already received his copy of the box set. (Thanks Harry!). Unless, of course, there are two versions of the set.

Personally, seeing both covers together on one page makes me think that the change of cover was probably a good idea – the slightly softer half-smiling image possibly looks a little more welcoming.

Anyway, as Mark pointed out below in the comments, you can purchase the box set from HMV in the UK for the bargain price of £14.99 including delivery. The set is released Monday 6 October in the UK.


  • Great! I look forward to this box. Agnetha is such a great singer!!

  • Agnetha is a great singer but so is Frida so lets hope for a similar release with Frida! Great singers both of them none of the members of ABBA would have been anything without the other! cheers!

  • Am I the only person that wonders why theyve bothered?
    IF of course it is a reissue of the last set then surely the fans that would have wanted it have already got it, plus its minus the bonus disc and so even less of interest. However if she had included a DVD with it including loads of old solo clips and promos as Frida did, then of course we would be talking a differnt story here but she hasnt.
    Still maybe when more details are known it may be of more interest…but Im not holding my breath.

  • There seems to be a whole range of "Original Album Classics" by Sony BMG artists released in Scandinavia on the same day as this set. *That’s* why this is being released, not as any special for ABBA or Agnetha fans.

  • John, this is not about Frida. Why must fans always bring up this other woman. This is about Agnetha as a SOLO artist!

  • What I REALLY want to see is a DVD with all of videos from "Wrap your arms around me" to "My Coloring book".

  • Hej

    This is available on HMV.co.uk for just £14.99:


  • in the meantime this has been released with 2 different covers
    and there is a version with only 3 cds..

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