CHESS – New Josh Groban CD collection trailer


  • and watching this clip gave me chills all over again. Cannot wait for the release of the dvd!

    Thank you for the music … again, thank you for the music.

    (South Africa is also included.)

  • 30 seconds of Anthem at the Albert Hall and the tears are flowing again.

    Inspite of the issues I had with the concert the delivery and production of that song on the night had me on the floor. Just perfect.

  • ***Dies***

    Even just that short clip brings back so many wonderful memories…

    BTW – Warner Bros. Australia have advised that the CD is being released down under on 9 November. Fingers crossed this information is correct.

  • An Aussie fan informed me today that they’d received news about the release of Josh’s new cd "A collection" in Australia. It has also been announced that it will be released in South Africa too.
    Why is Josh Groban getting more handsome by the day? The cover of his new cd is so beautiful, he is so gorgeous to look at he’s THUDDALICIOUS!!!And his voice, well what can I say? It’s like chocolate melting in your mouth, deliciously dark, tastes nice and gives you that warm satisfied feeling of wanting more – please! Mmmmmm…….drools – I like it!!!

  • that is the coolest thing i have ever seen. and that cover picture……SEXYYY!!

    and i really cant wait for "Anthem" to come out!

  • Uh-oh! The Grobanites are here 😉

    Just remember please, that this forum is about CHESS, Kristina and the other musical masterpieces of former ABBA members Björn Ulvaues and Benny Andersson – I’m sure there’s somewhere else for you to do all your drooling, chocolate comparisons and thudding!!!

    At the same time, I think it’s wonderful that your hero is so supportive of CHESS and is such a fan of the musical that he has lent his considerable vocal prowess to the musical, not once but twice to its concert incarnation.

    All hail the Josh but let’s not forget Tim, Benny and Björn that filled his mouth with such deliriously glorious tunes and heart wrenching words.

  • Anthem sounds amazing…. Glad the sound issues @ the RAH didn’t translate to the recording.

  • ABBA has filled our lives with glorious songs throughout their remarkable career and Tim, Benny and Björn continue to thill us futher.

    Thank you icethesite for promoting Collection which highlights Josh in his incredible rendition of Anthem. I am looking forward to the DVD of Chess being released soon.

    Congratulations to our Josh and to the success of Chess.

  • I saw Josh perform "Anthem" when he was in the Actors’ Fund concert of Chess in NYC (before the one in London). It was one of the best nights of theater in my life. I still think we had the better overall cast!!

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