Win a signed copy of ABBA The Albums

It’s a lyric quiz, so get those brain cells stirred! There are ten copies in total to be won…you also get to see the TV advert for the box set before taking the quiz (unless you choose to skip the ad). The box set was released in Sweden last week and is now filtering out across other territories, including the UK. 

To see the contents, please look at the ABBA The Albums tracklist page.

The box set seems to be reasonably priced compared to previous similar sets but if you’d rather try your luck for a free copy, you can take the quiz using the link below…  


Win a signed copy of ABBA The Albums box set

Win a signed copy of ABBA The Albums box set

Universal Music Online – ABBA The Albums quiz


  • I had a go at the lyrics quiz. Quite good fun. However, don’t bother if you actually want to try and win a signed box. The top 100 scores are from people who purport to have completed the quiz in 13 seconds – half a second per question. Quite a remarkable reaction time that… Almost a super-human level of desperation to win the prize.

  • Love these kind of competitions. The chance of winning a prize like this even more exciting. However what I can’t work out is that I can answer all 26 questions in 26 seconds (i.e this being the absolute fastest I can click on my mouse) and yet I can only get 514 marks. All those people on the list at the end (presumably the top 100)all got 527 out of a maximum of 530. This means they got all 26 questions correct in an amazing 3 seconds – AM I MISSING SOMETHING OR DO THEY ALL HAVE SOME SUPER BUTTON ON THEIR COMPUTER? Also why has no one got 528 or 526 for their score? Can any one else work this out?

    A bit frustrating after so much effort to not be able to get on the score board. Does this mean the competition is over before it has hardly begun?

    Ah well never mind. Guess I will have to continue waiting in hope outside venues like the odeon, Prince Edward Theatre etc when the occasions arise in the hope of getting my 3 remaining autographs. I have only been trying since the Belfry club in 1982. I suppose this short cut is not an option.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    Hmmm – perhaps not the good opportunity to have some fun and stand a realistic opportunity to win the set that it at first seems to be.

    Janet – good luck with getting the remaining 3 autographs – who is still on your list?

  • The quiz was a lot of fun! Although,it really speaks to how embedded ABBA is in my life. I only missed one question and it’s been thirty five years. ABBA’s music is immortal!

  • Did the quiz and scored 428 – got one wrong!

    Some people seem to have done it several times over, I don’t think the chances of me winning are very high !


  • Ice, the remaining autographs I have to get are Benny, Bjorn and Agnetha. I got Frida’s at the Chess Premiere.

    I doubt if I will ever get Agnetha’s unless I travel to Sweden, but I haven’t given up hope of Benny and Bjorns yet.

  • What!!! In the middle of the contest, one question changes, but now the order of the answers changes with each try. For a long time the order was the same. Will those sky high scores that people got when the answers were the same each time still count!!! not fair!!!

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