ABBA’s ‘Winner’ gets covered x3


  • "Va Todo Al Ganador" is Spanish rather than Italian. Great site, keep up the good work!

  • Doh! I should have known that! Thanks Wybe. Now corrected.

  • Don’t forget Mcfly also covered it very recently as it features on their cd single ‘Lies’ and they performed it at the Olympic handover ceremony in London.

  • Not "Winner" this time but Arrival hyped up and a new vocal version which Sarah Brightman has recorded as the opening track of her Winter Symphony CD.
    Her web site has a short clip of it and it sounds great, very full production but still keeping the feel of the original Arrival track. Bjorn and Benny must have been asked to allow the new vocal, I wonder if there ever was a ABBA vocal version?, I am sure it would have given Frida a chance to do the more Operatic singing she hinted that she wanted to do. I have heard Arrival used so many times in TV shows as back ground music yet without the Girls vocals I expect few people outside ABBA fans know its them.

  • Thanks for the news Stephen — hadn’t heard about that! I’ve never really thought of Arrival as sounding Christmassy, but now that I hear Sarah Brightman’s amazing take on it, the two seem to fit quite naturally. The addition of a drumbeat(!) certainly helps give it that festive air, too.

  • Frida did record a vocal version of Arrival. It was called Time and was a duet with B A Robertson for the musical Abbacadabra. It was very Christmassy. There was also a French version called Belle.

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