Björn likes UK singer Duffy but not old Hollywood musicals…


  • I think that in recent years Bjorn seems a lot more relaxed in himself during interviews, particularly when compared with footage from his time in ABBA. The same can also be said of Benny.

  • Uh? ABBA reunion???? he said that he has been running alot {near the end of the interview} so that he can fit back into the outfits…..could there be a reunion in the works? I wonder???

  • No Greg. He mentioned the running and weight loss in relation to going to a fancy dress party dressed as himself. Nothing whatsoever to do with a reunion.

  • Does anybody else have problems upploading this clip?

  • It is indeed really great to see Bjorn looking so well and relaxed in himself. That was not always the case in the ABBA days when he came over at times as very aloof. I have no doubts that there will never be a reunion and I think that is for the best. Benny is getting more and more into writing for film so if anything happens it is likely to be a movie of Kristina. Here’s hoping!

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