ABBA the Museum – set to tour the world

The release reads: June 4, 2009, was the scheduled date for the opening of ABBA the Museum at Stora tullhuset in Stockholm. But a major delay in the process of renovating the building put an end to those plans. During the autumn, founders Ewa Wigenheim-Westman and Ulf Westman have worked hard in securing the future for the project. This goal has now been accomplished. As part of the process they have sold the project to Touring Exhibitions AB, which in turn will engage the founders in developing the exhibition.

Finding a new suitable location in Stockholm to establish ABBA the Museum in the summer of 2009 turned out to be difficult. Therefore, Ewa and Ulf developed a travelling concept in the shape of a touring exhibition, which the new owners will now put on a world tour. The location for the first exhibition has not yet been decided, but negotiations are underway with interested parties on an international level.

We’re very happy that ABBA the Museum will be launched this summer, although in a different form. We will be involved in completing the interactive exhibition we created but also, in a new company, use all the unique knowledge and experience we have gained in this project to develop and produce new concepts for the Swedish visitor and tourist industry. Sweden in general and Stockholm in particular have a large, unexploited tourist potential, and this is where we will be active with our knowledge and our entrepreneurial spirit, says Ulf Westman, MD of Attraction Design AB. 

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  • If it comes to the UK then I shall go and see it as many groups have had touring exhibitions recently but is the ABBA museum still going to open eventually or is it just going to tour the world?
    Seems as though it’s turning into a ‘sell Sweden to tourists’ travel show.
    Surely the best place to open the exhibition even if in part form would be the ABBA fan club weeeknd in Holland and let ther eal fans see it first.

  • Some sources in Sweden say that the museum will tour the world prior to ‘coming home’ to Stockholm. It may eventually be located in the region of Tivoli Gröna Lund, almost opposite the formerly proposed site, across the water.

  • Interesting idea. It would make sense to start the tour in Stockholm the week that the museum should have been opening. At least it will give all those fans who had already made their travel bookings (and I know of quite a few) a reason to go to Stockholm at that time.

  • ABBA The museum? HaHa! It´s a farce without happy end. Forget it!

  • I think in the end arrogance always has to crash and the Abba Museum is a good example.

    On the one hand I think it is a pity that such a museum will not be in Stockholm as announced on the other hand I think if the wrong people do it then maybe it is better that this project fails.

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