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As a member, you’ll be able to exchange information about anything, including tickets, venues, new releases (hey, even old releases!) and the like as well as eventually rate albums, DVDs and concerts etc.

Many of us have a Google or Yahoo email address, if so you can join up straight away. Similarly, if you are already a member of AIM or OpenID.

The technology for this feature comes from Google and is currently in beta (or testing) phase. I’ve been playing with it for a couple of weeks and it seems stable and secure with lots of exciting features planned for the future. I’ll check which ones are relevant to icethesite and add ’em as they come along.

I’ve started the ball rolling and joined my own website (!!) but it’s awfully lonely in there, so please come and join me. The only thing I ask is that you upload a genuine face picture of yourself if you can, so that we can all put a face to a name.

How will I know whether the trial is a success at the end of June 2009? I’ll consult the members of course!

Have fun!

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