Benny Andersson confirms 2009 Kristina concerts at New York’s Carnegie Hall

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Benny confirms 2009 Kristina concerts at New York’s Carnegie Hall

Benny gave no further details in the interview on ‘ABBA Radio‘ (largely repeated from earlier in the year), as to who will perform the principal roles. Swedish sources suggest that Helen Sjöholm may take on the part of Kristina in the concerts. The musical director is likely to be Paul Gemignani who was involved in the New York workshop of Kristina in 2006.

More details as soon as they are announced. 


  • Great news! If you get the chance I can only say go..go..go…and enjoy great music!

  • Fantastic news…it’s hard to imagine anyone but Helen as Kristina.

  • That is amazing! Can’t wait to hear more. Saving for the trip already! 🙂

  • Why don’t they do like CHESS and release the soundtrack first! I think Helen Sjöholm IS Kristina and nobody else. Having a triple CD with the original cast singing in English would be fantastic!

  • This is, to quote my American friends "freaking awesome" news.

  • Thank crunchie – the best Chrimbo present I could hope for! Thanks sooooo much for the news Ice


  • I could’nt find any calendar listing after June 2009 on the Carnegie Hall web site. Does anyone know when tickets will go on sale? … with only two shows, I’m sure it will sell out fast.
    Thanks, Mick Caruso

  • Hi Mick…actually it would appear that it is not quite as ‘in the bag’ (sorted) as the radio interview made it appear. Although it is very close. Watch this space!

  • I’ve been waiting for this! Will keep my eyes peeled for tickets…I have to be there!

  • I will be checking this site hourly from now until ticket sales are announced! 🙂

    I’ll want to die if I miss these concerts!

  • Thanks Ice,
    I will be watching for updates daily, great site!
    All the best, Mick

  • Great news!

  • thats great! will be even more great if they release a dvd & concert recording like chess at royal albert hall

  • This probably seems unfair to anyone not lucky enough to be able to attend, but fter the fiasco of the RAH Chess concert–probably one of the most disappointing nights of my life owing to the execreble sound quality–I actually hope they don’t wire this concert up for a DVD/CD release–it really seemed to destroy the quality of the show in the venue on the night.

  • Mac, I know where you’re coming from and we all had views on teh sound quality those nights-yet I wouldn’t have missed it for the owrld. I moght have dropped Idena in favour of someone who didnt screech but that’s a personal opinion too as I know others like her.

  • This is great! When BAO was in Minneapolis, I got a chance to talk with Helen. I asked her if there was any plans for the original cast to record the score in English. She said very quickly ‘No!’. That was then… maybe things will change. I hope.

  • The sale of tickets at Carnegie is predicated on the anticipated demand. If a
    performance is guaranteed to be sold out (.i.e., Renee Fleming) tickets will
    usually go on sale 4-6 weeks before the performance.

    The less likely a show is to reel in patrons, the longer the sales period may be.

    Here’s the problem, before the public even has a shot at tickets for a likely "elite"event, brokers buy them up like barracudas. This was such a scandal on Broadway (90% ofall prime seats being gone before the public
    could buy tickets) the governor of New Jersey investigated the matter.

    My guess, however, is that Carnegie is more like the Met Opera. Members are tipped off first (most of which won’t have a clue about what
    "Kristina" is about since their idea of a great night out is Yo Yo Ma.) Just
    check out their calendar for 2008-2009. You’re not going to see Billy Joel or Bruce Springstein playing there. The choice of Carnegie Hall by B & B is absolute genius. The publicity will be huge and it suggests that the movers and shakers at Carnegie realize this is going to be pure gold.

    The bottom line is that as it is with the Met Opera on the day tickets become available to the public, one pretty much has to camp out on line.
    Getting through online or by phone is almost impossible. (I tried to do that for three years at the Met Museum for a concert before I finally scored.) Last summer (August) I waited on line at the Met for FOUR hours on "opening day" to score tickets to "Rusalka"–a relatively unknown opera compared to "Butterfly" or "La Boheme".

    My advice for "out-of-towners" would be to try to connect with a local who could camp out on line if word gets out that the guys behind "Dancing Queen" and "Mamma Mia" have pulled off another coup.

  • i NEED a translated recording . . .
    can’t wait!

  • My partner phoned up Carnegie Hall between Christmas and New Year and spoke to the theatre manager. He confirmed that there are concerts planned but said the dates were still tentative. He said the new season would be announced by late January and we should keep an eye open as it should be announced then.

  • Peter Jöback – Swedish actor and singer – who originated the role of Robert in Kristina från Duvemåla (Original 3-CD Recording) relocated from Stockholm to New York on January 4, 2009. I sincerely hope that Peter Jöback will be on board with the English version concerts at Carnegie Hall reprising his role as Robert. Was this one of the prime reasons for this fine actor / singer moving to the United States possibly? It would be fantastic if it happens.

  • Peter Jöback and Helen Sjöholm together again on stage in the English language concert version of Kristina från Duvemåla at Carnegie Hall in New York would be a dream come true. Let us hope this becomes a reality. Jöback is already in New York. Is Sjöholm far behind him? An original cast rebuilding in the works? Exciting news!

  • HELP! Carnegie Hall announced the 2009-2010 season schedule and Kristina is NOT on it! Any news???? A story in the New York Times said the hall was reducing its programming due to the recession and "The cuts include canceling several projects not previously announced." Could this be our beloved Kristina or can I still have hope that the details simply haven’t been worked out yet? Thanks…

  • Hi Laura, as far as I am aware, plans are still in place for Kristina at Carnegie Hall….but there are logistical problems that, even as of yesterday, still need to be solved.

  • Kristina The musical will be an enormous success
    for Bjorn and Benny!
    I can´t wait for the translated version..!
    It´s so beautiful
    simply the best!

  • I really hope this will happen and that the
    amazing singer and performer Peter Jöback will
    be doing the part as Robert in Kristina.It would
    be fantastic.

  • I must see this performance före jag är död, förstår du?

  • Recently, my wife attended a live simulcast of an opera. The show, performed live, was therefore seen in cinemas throughout Chicago. A similar set up nationwide for the Carnegie Hall concert would be an effective way to expose the magnificent music of kristina to American audiences.
    I saw the original while visiting sweden and the production left me speechless due its its massive beauty.

  • Saw KFD in Oslo, and consider it the best musical ever written. Can’t wait to travel the 4,000 to New York City in September to see KRISTINA!

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    3146 Paris St.
    Penticton, B.C
    (250) 493 – 7285

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