Benny Anderssons Orkester – 2009 Swedish Tour dates



BAO Swedish Tour 2009:


  • 26 June – Helsingborg, Sofiero Slott
  • 27 June – Göteborg, Trädgårdsföreningen
  • 28 June – Stockholm, Skansen


  • 09 July – Borgholm, Slottsruinen
  • 10 July – Västerås, Lögarängen
  • 11 July – Leksand, Sammilsdalsgropen
  • 12 July – Mariefred, Gripsholms Slott 

Tickets are priced at 370 SEK. Children under 12 are half price. Tickets sold via, 077-170 70 70, Ticnet and ATG Agent (except in Leksand, which also has Siljan Tourism as an agent 0248-797200).


  • All booked for Stockholm! thanks v much Ice – it’ll be my first BAO concert!

  • Me too. Thanks for the news. An early Christmas gift to myself and husband.

  • This video is cool, Ice. Makes me wanna go too. Think I best get saving 😉

  • Thanks Ice. Great news! After the disappointment of the Abba Museum’s postponement, I am so hoping I can make this my first visit to Sweden!

  • I saw BAO at Globen in ’07 and what astonished me was the difference between the CDs and the Live Shows. On the Live Shows, the instruments are so much clearer and the sound so much more ‘alive’, it makes you appreciate the musicianship so much more.

    Benny also must understand so well the need to showcase each musician and throughout the show ALL members of BAO got a chance to shine. It’s a great experience and so ‘alive’ to see and hear them live.

    On top of it all, they have so much fun!

  • Hi Ice, I’m finding it a bit stressful booking tickets to BAO (from Australia). The ticnet site isnt clear about how, where and when I can get my actual tickets. Does anyone have previous experience in this area? I am booking for all of the concerts and travelling overseas for the first time, to see them. I’d hate to get there and find no tickets!

  • I’ve used ticnet for bookings before and found it fairly straight forward – you have been using their English language booking system?
    I’ve always found the tickets available awaiting me at the box office of the venues once I’ve arrived – some agencies now issue you with emailed pdf versions of the ticket with a bar code scanned when you arrive at the venue.
    Often when you book months in advance tickets are released much nearer the date of the event.

  • Bummer the dates don’t really fit in with my travel plans 🙁

    It’s great that BAO is touring again this summer though.

  • Hi guys–thought you might be interested in this article recently published on the website of the Swedish Embassy here in London–it seems to suggest thst BAO will be participating in an event on Hampstead Heath around 1 July next year to mark Sweden’s new term as EU President. Not sure if this link will work but here goes

  • Hi Phil, nothing is firmed up yet but when and if it is, I will publish the news along with the date. It is the ‘surprise concert’ outside of Sweden I referred to previously.

  • Aaaaahhhh….atlast a tour again with BAO. Same energy and joy performing as with ABBA.Go if you can! I hope both Helen and Tommy will participate as they are great artists! Johan

  • Like Ian, my travel plans do not coincide with the dates. Fot the London Gig I have to be abroad for a meeting But for the Leksand concert I arrive on the 16th.!!!! I first saw Bao in Leksand in 2005


  • Hi

    I saw BAO! last night in Stockholm- absolutely fantastic!

  • Var i torsdag til en fantastisk koncert med Benny Anderssons orkster på Borgholm Slottsruin. Stemningen var i top ligeså musikken. Tak for en stor oplevelse. Har fuldt Orsa spillemændene i over 25 år. Spec midsommerfest i Orsa på hembygdsgården, når midsommerstangen blev rejst… glemmer jeg ikke???

  • Just back from Stockholm and managed to get to Mariefred/Gripsholm Slott to see BAO on the 12th July and was amazed at the energy and enthusiasm of the whole event- from the performers to the audience. The atmosphere was electric and Benny puts so much energy, pride and fun in to it – he so obviously loves the whole thing very much!!! Just magical!!!! And I was there!!! The Swedes are such a proud nation and really value their history and culture via their music-cross generational!!! What a magical evening!!!

  • The best concert of the year –We saw and head you in Borgholm, Øland…and took a lot of photos..

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