Björn’s views on religious fundamentalism get an airing on Swedish TV

To quote excerpts from the programme’s pre-publicity, Björn states:

"Many people have fought and died for a secular society."

In a conversation with Christer Sturmark, Björn speaks about religious fundamentalism and his scepticism of a religious meaning of life. 

"It was September 11 that woke me from my slumber," says Ulvaeus.

Most know Björn Ulvaeus as one of Sweden’s most successful musicians and songwriters of all time. Not as many people know that he is totally committed to the fight against religious fundamentalism. 

In a close exchange with Christer Sturmark, Ulvaeus talks about why we need to defend the secular society.

"I think that schools should be a protected zone. The religious element should not be there."

For the next 7 days, this is the link to the episode featuring Björn – select ‘Sturmark möter 10/12’ from the right-hand list.


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