A new focus on Benny Anderssons Orkester

A collection of BAO 2009 Tour posters currently 'at the designers'

BAO 2009 Swedish Tour posters – currently unpublished

I’m fascinated by all aspects of graphic design and branding and was delighted to be sent details of this particular branding exercise.

From the 25AH website:

Subject: Concert billboards for the ex-Abba member’s orchestra. Design rationale: With the music being a modern approach to a traditional Swedish folk music due in the midst of summer. We felt that the artwork needed to communicate the same, thus the joyful color scheme and modern outcome.

A new branding for BAO in 2009?

A Swedish design agency takes on the BAO brand for the 2009 Tour

These design concepts are clearly marked as ‘Unpublished’ so maybe they didn’t hit the mark, or maybe a decision hasn’t been made yet?

Check out all the designs in the series here.


  • Interesting and very different to the imagery that BAO has used before.

  • Could it be that Benny and BAO are getting ready for a foray into a larger, English-speaking, market with an album with English lyrics and new branding?

  • I would like a set of those for my walls if they were available .
    Interesting that no photos of the artists are used,it makes it a timeless look, a little like the cover of ABBA GOLD.

  • I find it a little strange that each poster bears the picture of only one instrument while BAO preferably plays numbers with a mixture of many various sounds instead of hightlighting one special instrument on each number as it happens with other orchestras.

  • Yes ice is correct in saying unpublished, Per the company that designed these the final design has already been chosen that of another company, which is the poster on the Mono website
    Pity as like Darren I think these would be nice to hang on our walls.

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