Agnetha and Frida appear together to accept award on behalf of ABBA (Updated)

Agnetha and Frida take centre stage at the Rockbjörnen awards

Agnetha and Frida take centre stage – Photo: Aftonbladet

>>> Watch Agnetha and Frida receving the award here.

Story and images from Aftonbladet:

At the award ceremony to receive the prize was no less than Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. They danced, smiled and were very happy to receive the people’s prize: a Rockbjörn for lifetime achievement. 

They thanked Aftonbladet’s readers. It is rare to see former ABBA members together, even more so to see them on stage. 

What do you talk about when you meet? 

"We mostly talk about money. No, I’m just kidding! We are enormously humble that a new generation is listening to our music. We are just as nervous now as we used to be when we got up on stage before. We are enormously grateful," said Agnetha. 

Do you have some special memory that you talk about? 

"We can’t tell you. But it was the funniest thing that happened! In our own biographies, we will tell you EVERYTHING. A sink and wigs are all I can say. It may be Aftonbladet’s next puzzle". 

Frida says that she sang ABBA Singstar. 

"I have heard of it," said Agnetha. 

"She does not dare!" laughs Frida. 

Are there any successful reunions? 

Pink Floyd maybe? No, [in our case] I think you should probably let things be. 

Agnetha and Frida accept an award for ABBA

Agnetha and Frida accept an award for ABBA at the Rockbjörnen awards

Agnetha & Frida: We were never enemies 

Abba stars celebrated with champagne after the victory.

"I have moved away from the music world," says Agnetha Fältskog but she enjoys warm and fond conversation with Frida and they apparently get along harmoniously in each other’s company.

How has the "Mamma mia!" success appeared to you? 

Agnetha: It is still our material, it has been around all the time. The feeling I get about it is incredibly proud as the music never dies. There are always new generations who enjoy the music and it is hopeful. 

Frida: We often get asked how things were with Abba. Björn and Benny are generally thought of as the geniuses behind the band, but all the creative work was really done in the studio. We were a group of people. And it wasn’t just the four of us. Other musicians and technicians helped to create the Abba sound. We worked on all the details. All the harmonies.

Agnetha: We did everything ourselves. It was a lot of work. 

Frida: That often gets forgotten. The creative work took place in the studio, spread over many, many hours. A fantastic amount of joy and togetherness went into creating our sound.

What did you think about the reception from the audience tonight? 

Agnetha: Quite amazing. What warmth. 

Frida: I would like to put the record straight on one thing. A lot has been written about how Agnetha and I fought and quarrelled with each other. There is absolutely no truth in that. Of course, we competed… but to good effect. 

Agnetha: No, God we were not enemies. But we have to live a whole lot of such misinterpretations.

"Living with pride" 

Frida: Abba wasn’t just about two married couples, you know. It was a little as though Agnetha and I were also married to one another! 

Agnetha: We supported each other very much. If someone had a cold or was unwell. 

Frida: We were very caring towards each other. 

How long ago since you met privately? 

Agnetha: An awfully long time ago. 

Frida: But it feels like just yesterday. 

A and A!

A and A!

Agnetha: Yes. Sometimes I dream about Frida. Sometimes it’s Benny and Bjorn, though in different situations. 

Frida: It’s a complex process. We have experienced so much and had such unbelievable lives, both professionally and privately. We are going to be dealing with this throughout our lives. It’s not something you can file away and forget. We were reminded of that tonight. We think of it with pride. 

Agnetha: Yes, it is a mix of very, very different feelings. 

And it’s just the two of you who really know what you went through and experienced. 

Agnetha: Exactly. We as women experience it in a special way. 

Frida: More emotionally. 

Agnetha: Speaking for myself, I sometimes suffered enormously from a bad conscience and longing for my children. It’s like Frida says, there were many mixed feelings and contrasts with Abba. Such as tours when we lived a life of luxury, then came home to washing up and cooking. 

Do you want to record music again? 

Frida: I was going to just ask Agnetha if we could make a new album! 

Agnetha: A double-CD, ha ha ha … 

You made a new album a few years ago. 

Agnetha: It is difficult to feel motivated now. I have so much else. I’m in another phase of life. I am a grandmother and so is Frida. ABBA is always in one phase and I dream of ABBA. It is not out of me. Never. But we are living our daily lives. I have come more and more away from the music. 

You have written so many songs? 

Agnetha: Yes, I write a bit sometimes. But nowadays I just file them in a folder. I have composing in me. Even coming up with lyrics. I can get ideas, but from there to actually doing something … 

Frida: It’s a giant step. Almost impossible to take.  

Agnetha: You can get the ideas and put them together – that’s fine. And working in the studio is fun. But then… then comes the question of releasing the final product. 

Frida: Right. The fear lies, as you say in the promotion and travel – it goes no further. 

Agnetha: It is too late for all that. I can’t do it. 

Are you listening to music much? 

Agnetha: There is a lot of good music, and very very bad. I think, for example, Laleh is amazingly good. And Robyn. 

Frida: Robyn, I have liked since she started. I always said the girl will be huge. 

When ABBA was around, it was the two of you in the limelight mostly. Then it was A and A. In recent years, it has mostly been B and B highlighted. 

Agnetha: Absolutely, because they are composers. 

Frida: But we have to catch up somehow. 

Agnetha: Right. Can you arrange a full-size image of us two?

It can probably be arranged.

Agnetha: Joking aside, we all four of us feel enormously proud, humble and thankful for what we’ve been able to give.

Name: Agnetha Fältskog. Age: 58 years. Lives: On Helgö in Ekerö municipality. Family: daughter Linda, 35, and son Christian, 31 with Björn Ulvaeus. Income: 1 207 909 SKr (tax year 2007). 

Name: Anni-Frid Lyngstad Reuss. Age: 63. Lives: The Swiss Zermatt. Family: Son Hans, 45. Widow of Prince Ruzzo Reuss. Income: reported to have a fortune of 1.7 billion SKr. 


  • Ahhhh….twice in less than a year,,,wonderfull. Its fabulous to see these two together again and clearly enjoying themselves and what a nice change that they pick up the award for a change,,..they are just as important as the guys. Poor Agnetha often looks totally overwhelmed by it all but she Frida there to help her through
    Lovely lovely stuff.

  • This is what dreams are made of! What a nice day to have when you wake up to see 2 of your idols have been on stage together!

    Nice to see Frida has planted a seed of an album together too! :o)

  • Wow! Seeing this article was a wonderful surprise this morning.
    Superb pictures , the girls look ready to break into song they look so natural back together. Its great that all four members do seem at last to be happy with their part in ABBA and are feeling rewarded by the continued success of their music whereas for years they seemed to want to distance their selves from it. The hint (even in jest) of actual biographies which may actually tell us something rather than the glossy spin we have had so far is tantislising.

    Wonderful job on the quick translation Ice – you will be making many ABBA fans very happy when they see this news

  • wow thanks for this translation. I was very emotional this morning after watching the video.
    I wish I was there. Just to see these two beautiful ladies that I have adores for soooo many years.
    Wouldn,t it be lovely if they DID do record something together for old times sake.
    Keep up the wonderful work on this site.

  • We can only pray that one day they will record again.Frida as always is up for it, but it’s a positive sign that Agnetha turned up with Frida,who knows Frida might get Agnetha’s creativity flowing again,after all she dreams of the Abba years and after singing with Frida for so many, I bet she dreams of harmonies with Frida.We can all but pray one day they will unite.That would be a dream come true to many an Abba fan.I certainly is mine.

  • Ice thanks so much for putting this on so soon.
    It was such a nice surprise to wake up to this fantastic news and clip.
    As a grown up guy i’m going to admit I have tears of joy rolling down my face as I write this after viewing the clip.

  • Two classy ladies indeed! Wonderful to see them so relaxed especially Agnetha! They talk about memories including two wigs…. Annifrid has sung ABBA Singstar with her 13-year old granddaugher and she says the granddaugher wins everytime! Annifrids grandson Jonathan plays in a heavymetal band… Absolutely wondeful although the interviewer was lousy… John

  • Wow, what a wonderful news and such nice pictures. The last weeks I was thinking that it are always B&B who are in the spotlight. And even if everyone did a great job in Mamma Mia!, the voices of A&A are so special and were so important for ABBA. I am so happy they turned up to receive the award and that they look so great and happy.

  • Wonderful – very lovely to read this and great for the girls to get a share in the limelight for a change. Thanks Ice!

  • Thanks a lot for the translation.

    I think this was a great happening. It was the first time since 1987 that Agnetha was on a stage and talked with a moderator. And then the Abba Logo in the background ! It really was very special.

    The next step could be an Album of Agnetha and Frida together. It will be not Abba and so it is possible without problems.

    We just can hope… but the ladies showed yesterday: YES WE CAN !

  • Wow…it was really nice to see Agnetha and Frida together again…and receiving a prize!, They really deserve it! And yes, I must admit too that I felt like an ABBA fan again…very excited because of the photos and video! Like in the old times you know. Anyway it was so nice to see Agnetha on stage and talking on the microphone and Frida…her hair style looks great! well, She is great.
    Thanks to the owner of this site for the info.

  • OMG … I love Agnetha and Frida

    I have no doubt that Anna and Frida were always friendly, she competed on stage, it is natural

  • Thank you so much for this – don’t know what I’d do without this site!
    I am completely overwhelmed, seeing these two women on stage again (just been watching ABBA The Movie by the way – then find this!) The prospect of biographies, making a recording together, am I dreaming… it’s all too much.
    Thank you so much, esp. for the translation.
    What with Obama and everything, perhaps this really is the dawn of a new era of hope! And that’s all us ABBA fans can do, but with renewed vigour!

  • Thanks Icey! An excellent read.

  • These two women were meant to sing together. The magic of the ABBA years was, in great part, a result of the incredible chemistry of the girls’ combined voices. Of course there were other important factors such as the brilliant writing of Björn and Benny. Simply stated, ABBA would not have been ABBA were it not for Agnetha and Frida. It’s great to see them together and wonderful to know that they are still friends after all these years.

  • This is HUGE!
    I do not think we in Sweden realize how big ABBA are outside this country. Absolutely fantastic to see them together again relaxed and joking. They have a great energy together.
    Without them there would not have been the ABBA sound a sound which many artists have tried to copy…
    Not many artist have sold more records and not many artist have influenced pop music the way ABBA have done with their timeless music, the arrangements and fantastic voices!

    Although Benny and Björn wrote the music all four of them contributed to their success.
    Regards Anna

  • Wonderful classy ladies!

  • Hi from Australia. I haven’t seen your website before, yet I am so glad that I have now come across it [via a link]. Your site is so informative and comprehensive. Thank you so much! It is now be on the top of my website viewing list! By the way, thank you for this article. It is such a magic sight when seeing Frida and Agnetha together. When I first saw the pictures of them both enjoying each other’s company at the ‘Mamma Mia’ movie premier in Stockholm, with Meryl, I automatically found myself with an instant and enormous grin on my face, and the same thing happened today when I saw these pictures and this article. I don’t know what it is, but it’s amazing the joy that comes across us fans when we see these fantastic women when they appear together these days (it’s like some sort of ‘collective-consciousness’ thing happening). I love it! Further magic would indeed happen if there is ever a joint album between these magnificent women… I always feel at my most alive when I see or hear them. Thank goodness that Frida and Agnetha came into my life (in 1976). Sigh. (P.S. I do like Benny & Bjorn too :o) Thanks again for your article and your site. Cheers for now!

  • What an amazing, warm interview – even now they seem to have great chemistry and be able to bounce off one another. And don’t they look great together? A single from the two would be something truly amazing – Agnetha, we don’t care if you don’t want to promote it!!

  • Thanks Ice for all the work you do to keep your website up to date !!!!

    And how great is it to see those 2 together on a stage getting an award and talking so open en warm !!

  • Hello everyone.Anyone in the UK get todays Daily Express dated saturday 24th Jan’09.Agnetha and Frida are on the front cover (bottom right)under the banner "Mamma Mia it’s the real ABBA" and also pictures and article on page 3 of the awards in Sweden.It may be online also but can’t see it yet… a nice souvenir to have in 2009!

  • Sorry me again……also the Daily Mail today (sat 24th Jan) has a large colour photo on page 3 and article also.

  • Thank you for the translation!

    I came across this great news just minutes after I watched "Mamma Mia" on a rented DVD.

    Thank you ABBA for the music!

  • they’re gonna do somethin now… I just KNOW it! And no we don’t care if you dont promote it girls!

  • What a great surprise to see the name ABBA on the internet today. Then to go to this site and read the translation of the video is more than an ABBA fan could hope for. Thank you Ice.
    Agnetha and Frida look great and look so happy to receive this award. It was nice to hear them talk about an album together, but that may never happen, but wouldn?t it be great if they just did a collection of Christmas songs together? They wouldn?t have to worry about a hit song, those are all hit songs, and we could once again hear those great voices together again. Well, just a dream here.

  • Time has certainly passed and both are grandmothers but still classy lovely ladies!Never again will we hear the same blend of two voices – they were and are unique!
    Lovely to see them like this like to sisters and dear friends! Ian

  • Wow, great to see all of this! Thanks Ice! Also I understand that Agnetha gave a brief radio interview in Stockholm yesterday and hinted at a Swedish-language recording project she is considering – anyone know more about this??

  • Agnetha said that she would like to record
    an album consisting of Folk-songs…
    But she hasn’t decided "if" (or when)!

  • What a pleasant bit of news!. They genuinely seemed happy to see each other! They are both classy ladies! Why oh why don’t B & B just get these two in a room and call it a duets album. It doesn’t have to be called "ABBA". What a waste after all the life experiences to not reflect it in something of substance. Forget the promotion. Do a documentary , one interview- get Parkinson out of retirement. The rest will look after itself.
    Thanks for the pics. By the way, I finally bought the "ABBA The Albums" box set (in a weak moment).

  • WOW! Just came back from celebrating my birthday abroad and discovered that another Agnetha and Frida reunion happened on the same day! The perfect present.
    It strikes me how happy it seems to make Frida to have Agnetha beside her and how generous she is towards the old singing partner in sharing that spotlight. She was glowing and beautiful as ever. And While Frida seems to really be in her element in these type of public situations it would appear to be very difficult foe Agnetha-at least until she warms up. That quip she made about her and Frida discussing money when they meet was perfectly well timed considering all those years of terrible criticism ABBA received in the Swedish press for making money!As the interview and the applause went on you could see Agnetha start to get into it a bit more and clearly this was a real gesture of acknowledgement to her fans, so well done Agnetha. They girls were beautiful, funny and positively dazzling. Long live the queens!

  • Being a fan for 35 years now, it’s really great to see that the next generation (2 nieces of 3 and 8 years )do also love ABBA. Hope that they finally do something for ALL the fans , all over the world, of all ages , races and so on. I’ve travelled all over the world and it’s just the music of ABBA you do hear everywhere ..

  • So, so happy to see these 2 wonderful girls together on stage again! This was such a joy today. ABBA accompanied me through my childhood and teenage years, and I am still as crazy about their music as I was then! To me ABBA is the best, the most amazing and most talented group ever! And I still love to read about their private lifes and to get to know where they are now. And yes, a few new songs – or even just one song, pleeeaaaase!! – of Agnetha and Frida together would be marvellous… Yes, no promotion – just SING and let us listen!!

  • I agree with pinkowski… an album of Christmas songs would be great (Agnetha & Frida’s previous Christmas recordings have been fantastic… in particular, I just love Frida’s 2 Christmas songs from the early 70s). Alternatively, if they didn’t want to do that, I think an album of cool Rogers & Hart jazz (including the sexy/sassy: ‘Bewitched’) &/or Burt Bacharach songs would be great. And yes, I also agree with Vincent, who mentions of Benny & Bjorn… it would be ideal if they did the producing and arranging as they best know Frida & Agnetha’s voices. Sigh!!! It’d be magnificent. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed… for something… anything. It would be such bliss! Cheers! 🙂

  • Just saw the translation of Agneth’s short interview on Swedish radio the morning after the awards and again she mentions not having seen Frida for many years, as she did in the tv interview. Is this is just poor translation? She and Frida were very much together at Hotel Rival in May, right? Or has she done a Bjorn and forgotten!Hope not!

  • Whoops! It was July actually wasn’t it? I was close!

  • I’m just fascinated by the idea of Agnetha coming home from a tour and getting her rubber gloves on to do the washing up, or maybe heating up some fishfingers for Bjorn’s tea!

  • Agnetha has said the ABBA years were very intense and a lot of work.
    She has also said it was unfortunate that ABBA´s success and her children were to come at the same time and that it was amazing during these circumstances that they did what thay did reaching all that success.
    Maybe Agnetha got sort of burned out during the ABBA years – she didn´t listen to music for many years after she withdrew from the limelight.
    She also said "the others" in the group were in a different phase in life than she was especially during the -79 tour shortly after the divorce from Björn and having small children.
    You´ve got to respect Agnetha´s wishes not wanting to return to the music business – I can understand her anyway! John

  • Thanks so much for posting the interview and the images. Nice to see these two lovely ladies together again after all these years. About the possibility… it would be great to hear them together again in something new… Let’s hope!!!

  • how fantastic to see Agnetha and Frida back where they belong…together on stage. It really has been too long for ABBA fans to wait….but it was well worth the wait. It is wonderful to see them happy and at ease in each other’s company and to put to rest those stories of how much they hated each !! Its obvious that they have a mutual respect and love for one another and can now enjoy [especially Agnetha] being a part of ABBA. I was lucky enough to be a guest at the RIVAL Hotel in July 2008 for the Mamma Mia weekend and I finaly got to meet ABBA after waiting 35 years ! They are the nicest people too meet and very humble about who they are.I bumped into Benny in the hotel’s reception the morning after the premier [ a la ABBA the Movie ] and he was so pleasant and posed for a photograph with me, his arm around my waist and mine around his shoulder !! He congratulated me on getting all of their autographs on my copy of ABBA the Movie and he was so happy about them being reunited for
    the first time in 25 years — he said 25 years!! Lets keep our fingers crossed that we see them all together on stage soon.

  • To see those Beautiful Girl’s together was a moving experience. All of a sudden I was taken back in a Time to a place of Innocence and Fun. I was so Joyful to see them again, like no time had passed. Bless you Beautiful LADIES and THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE and JOY YOU HAVE BROUGHT

  • Great site Lovely to see these two ladies together again
    wouldnt it be fantastic to hear them sing together again
    lets all hope
    cheers David

  • I was so happy to see them together! I love ABBA from the beginning and I am stil waiting for a miracle: an new album. Those two voices are too special! Dont let them be quiet, Frida and Agnetha! If they cannot make any promotion, it is not a problem: all of their fans will know and enjoy it like the most wonderful gift! I still pray for it!…

  • What a lovely article!

    It is so nice to see these two beautiful ladies happy and together again to accept the award.

    All I can say is that I hope when I get there, I look as FABULOUS as Frida does at 63! 🙂

    Ginger in Nashville

  • ….Well I’ve been reading all the comments…yes what can I say…it would be great to see them do something together…but I think that’s desperate fan wishful thinking…ha! I’m still waiting for another solo from Frida …!!! More than a year ago in Berlin for the mamma mia premiere she said in an interview that it was getting closer to a reality doing something with Jon Lord…What happened to that!!! If anyone knows …please do tell!!!

  • Listened to ABBA the Album tonight, first time in years! A lot of memories.
    The phenomenal reception by aussie fans to the band has never been seen since on Australian soil. Thousands of people stood on the road to get a glimpse of thieir ‘Demi-Gods’ drive past from the airport.
    One in three Aussies owned an ABBA record. Fernando was number one for twelve months on the top forty and still holds the greatest record to this day.
    Favourite tunes – the visitors and tropical loveland
    As Good As New is a terrific single!
    I can well understand the magic of ABBA sustaining the test of time with endless joy creating a lot of happiness. I remember hitch hiking from Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania to Moshi at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa. The trek was a nightmarish 24 hours jammed in a tight fit with locals and chickens, sheep and pigs, the driver had one cassette ARRIVAL – he played it non stop and the local Africans sang all the songs with a grin from ear to ear! It clearly proved the happiness a great band can create through clever harmony and melody such as the diverse legacy of ABBA, timeless music

  • Abba jest ponadczasowa. Moze nagraja nowa plyte. Marzenie!!!!!!!

  • It was wonderful to see them together again. Aggie has a great sense of humor, and I can understand her wanting her private life with her children.

    Frida is still a beautiful, classy lady who’s unbelievable life would make a great movie. It is bizarre how her beauty and talent has not been appreciated and has even been downgraded by the media. She seems to have been attacked all of her life by negative people, yet she continues to rise above.

    If they do an album together I’m sure it will be a huge success. I will be first in line to buy it.

  • You hit the nail on the head, M.S! Anni-Frid is the most beautiful, warm and giving person and has endured such tremendous life circumstances. A movie or her life, sure, would be great. I really hope some ambitious biographer out there just WRITES her life story…better yet, she should….and autobiography or memoir. Aside from being a successful recording artist and top international popstar, she really seems like a person who would be a friend to anyone.

  • Abba group was the best in the world
    Their songs were the best
    Love ’em

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