Björn presents a case for argument in Swedish newspaper

From SvD:

"Denominational independent schools should be banned", according to Ulvaeus.

"We have a fantastic range of pupils from different ethnic, cultural and religious environments. This diversity is important for them to learn the account of others’ values and ideas, crucial for them to be involved and create a society characterized by tolerance and equal treatment."

Full interview in SvD


  • It would be interesting to read a translation of the whole article. I’m very interested in Björn’s thoughts on this topic.

  • Me too. I was a closet atheist for years, but an "out" ABBA fan since 1975. I would never had imagined that I’d learn about humanism etc.. from one of my pop heroes!

  • If no-one beats me to it, I’ll see what I can do!

  • Abba were one of the few pop bands of the 1970?s without the baggage of political or cultural ideas which other bands had and which can alienate fans who like the music but do not support the bands beliefs.
    Until I found this site I did not know (along with most fans I presume) of Bjorn’s atheist beliefs and of course he is entitled to his opinions but he shows great insensitivity to many by issuing such a blunt "does not exist" statement. Many people follow a faith and are fully capable of ?enjoying life? with their belief enriching their lives. Bjorn cannot prove there is not a God and to dismiss the beliefs of so many so flippantly will upset a lot of people let alone Abba fans.
    Its is also contradicts as in the interview clip which this site had where Bjorn gave a interview for promoting the Mamma Mia DVD he is asked what he wants most for Christmas and talks about having all his family together at that time. So he is quite happy to take the holiday celebrating Jesus? birth and the spirit of the day but then denies the existence of the reasons why we are celebrating it.

  • I don’t see how Björn’s statements and comments are any more offensive than comments by those of religious faith that people who don’t believe in God’s teachings will burn in eternal hell.

    Just as the non-existance of a god can’t be proved, his/her/their existance can’t be proved either. Religious works were written by men, not gods.

    Jesus was born in September. Christmas is a pre-Christian mid-winter festival co-opted in an attempt to convert the pagans to Christianity (as was Easter). Christmas is a secular holiday enforced on all people living in so-called Christian countries, including people of other faiths or no faith at all.

  • I agree Stephen, I really don´t know who said to Bjorn that people who believe in God don´t enjoy life….Frida, for example, She believes and She enjoy life, always smiling, kind and strong woman, I don´t understand why the most of atheist think the people who believe in God are not happy….Maybe before talking is better to see around, to learn a little and understand the others, we could live in better harmony I think…

  • I have been an Abba fan for many years and have always admired and respected all four members. Bjorns so called statement of Gods non existence has greatly upset and shocked me as it is impossible for him or any other person to say such a thing without concrete proof. I don’t want to begin to defend my personal beliefs or unbeliefs but for such a talented man to come out with such a stupid and uneducated statement beggers belief in itself. Sorry Bjorn, love your music, but I’m afraid you’ve lost my respect.
    Paul Kerner (UK)

  • "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 19:24

    I think it is hard sometimes for people (like Bjorn) who have lots of money or power to imagine that there might be higher forces in the universe. It’s easier for the poor and unpowerful to know God because they have greater need for God.

  • The previous comment actually confirms what Bjorn says: the poor and ignorant need religion as a crutch, hoping that they’ll move on to "a better place" when they die; the "well-off" and educated know that it’s all a crutch for people who don’t want to face the fact that they’re alive now, and that’s all there is.

  • Sometimes the ignorance make us to say words like that Ian. Even when this is not the right place to discuss a subject like this let me tell you that even the poor and ignorant people, as you proudly call them, deserve respect, especially from you ´cos you say you are an educated person who knows a lot about life. And by the way I am a poor woman, but I am not an ignorant person. You see, there are a lot of things you don´t know.
    I am so sorry with the owner of this site, I apologize, but I could not keep quite.
    Promise not to say anything else about this subject.
    Guatemala, Central America

  • Maria, it was actually the previous poster who had expressed those senitments.

  • Hello,

    i read an interview article about Bjorn’s motivation with this subject, saying that he was mostly irritated by fundamentalism. I am also a man of spiritual attitude but I am just as irritated by fundamentalism as he is. Religious people are often subject of control and suppression by church officials, committing acts that are even in stark opposition with their own religion. Insanity is insanity, atheist or religious. So, I do not agree with his statement of "God does not exist", but I understand his motives and agree his purpose.
    Hi, all the best for all the ABBA fans and the Great Four too!

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