Björn tells radio station he has weekly therapy sessions

Nyhetskanalen online reports a few headlines from the interview "There are enormous amounts of people who have large visible success, but poor self-esteem. I take the luxury of sitting for two hours and talking to an existential philosopher and therapist once a week and it is very, very good," said Björn Ulvaeus.

On the question of what the great economic success has meant to him, Ulvaeus replied that the money was more important at the beginning of ABBA’s career when it helped to give him and Benny enormous artistic freedom.

"After Waterloo, we did indeed have all the freedom in the world to both write and record. It was the single most important thing that money meant then," said Björn Ulvaeus.

The Swedish star composer also revealed what ABBA songs have become his favourites over the years. His top three are The Winner Takes It All, Dancing Queen and SOS.

Whether he is more proud of ABBA or the theatrical success he has achieved, Björn says that he cannot choose…stating that he is equally as proud of ABBA as he is of Kristina från Duvemåla.

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  • This was a very nice story. An honest and wise man. Good to hear that money alone can’t bye you happiness, for those who didn’t know.

  • During the ABBA years Bjorn always seemed to be brimming with confidence. The big smile and the extroverted stage prescence. It’s suprising to hear all these years later about his low self esteem. It strikes me that there was far more to the ABBA members than they ever allowed themselves reveal.How on earth they have managed ot stay so silent and dignified about there personal lives is a mystery but a credit to them in this scary era of the talantless micro-celebrity. Similiarly those who know them intimately have said very little throughout the years which makes them all the more enigmatic. I wonder does "existential philosopher" read as therapist or are we taking about a weekly chat over a storstark in the local KROG!

  • All the members of ABBA are and have always been very "classy" – no drugs no excessive alcohol and no smashed hotelrooms! It´s wonderful that they still get recognition and are sucessful in whatever they do as they were made fun of here in Sweden at the beginning of their sucess with their funny clothes and critisised for earning a lot of money. They deserve all the recognition and money they have earned! Janne from Stockholm

  • Frida left Sweden because I read she thought it was too small for her and that she "wouldn´t be able to buy milk in the shop" without beeing noticed I suppose. Agnetha sewed many magazines for writing untrue stories and moved out to the country as there could come 10-15 fans a day up to her door. No wonder their privacy is important to them.. Björn moved to England a couple of years after they split up and Benny I suppose takes things more easy? Swedes are normally quite good at respecting peolpe´s privacy I think. Annie

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