icethesite voted ABBA Site Of The Year 2008

icethesite - ABBA Site Of The Year 2008

icethesite – ABBA Site Of The Year 2008

I must admit, I’m ever-so-slightly uncomfortable with the idea that a website created and maintained as a hobby and born from a genuine passion to inform should in effect be competing against other websites, also maintained as hobbies and also created from a similar passion. 

I initially developed icethesite to be the ABBA-related website I most wanted to find on the internet. It’s really wonderful to know that it also hits the mark with others. However, I think that each of the website finalists, has its own unique angle on ABBA, and covers it fantastically.

Some people like news, some people like forums, some people love detailed columns, some love pictures and others are fantastically enthusiastic about ABBA videos and TV performances etc etc.  

I think it’s really healthy that all these angles are so well covered by long-time fans who are all helping to keep the legacy and the music of ABBA and ABBA-related projects alive and kicking. We don’t rely on a certain movie or particular record company to do this for us, we’re out there fighting the fight anyway!

I’d like to wish all of icethesite‘s readers, plus everyone that voted for the site, Robert at ABBA Plaza, plus each of the other nominees for ABBA Plaza’s ABBA Site Of The Year award (we all do really important work!!) a very happy and healthy 2009.

ABBA Plaza – ABBA Site Of The Year Results


  • Congratulations, Ice!

  • well done – superb!

  • Congratulations Ice. I only discovered this site fairly recently but I have to say, I’m hooked – you report on all the news that is important in a balanced and intelligent way. I have maintained some hobby websites in the past and I know how tricky it can be – I just want you to know that I appreciate the great job that you do.

  • Congratulations Ice.
    An award well deserved and thanks for all your hard work doing the site.
    A site for the ‘real’ ABBA and associated work fan.

  • Huge congrats Ice – what a way to start the new year!

  • Good stuff and well deserved.

  • Great work Ice….always appreciate your site endeavour!

    All the best!


  • congratulations well deserved

  • I discovered this site about three years ago and visit it every day. This is a great result.

    I am looking forward to Kristina in Concert in USA and feel sure I’ll hear confirmation about it here first and it’ll help make prepare for such a big event.

    Marianne in Mexico City.

  • well done me deario….your obviously doing something right.
    Steve x

  • Just seen this! Very well deserved Ice – it’s great that the commitment and dedication you put into this site has been recognised! Well done!

  • Congratulations, I’m really pleased for you. It’s great to know that all your hard work is appreciated. A nice start to the year for you.


  • You shouldn’t be surprise, Ice ! I take my infos fm Raffem , Mikory and yr site. You did an extra good job with MM! the movie page few months ago!

  • Fantastic congratulations from Spain, Ice – your work and the site is absolutely fantastic. Gracias.

  • Congratulations Ice!! It is truly a well deserved award. I always enjoy coming to visit icethesite as it’s always very informative and presents the content in a wonderfully easy to navigate manner. It serves as a brilliant archive of ABBA information and sorted into the categories that matter most to fans of the various aspects of fandom relating to the works of B&B, whether it’s ABBA, Chess, Kristina, or BAO (and that’s just the stuff that stays newsworthy on regular basis). Congrats again my friend!

    Ryan in San Diego

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