Mamma Mia! misses out on Golden Globes

Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” captured the Golden Globe for best motion picture comedy or musical, slipping past Burn After Reading, Happy-Go-Lucky, In Bruges and Mamma Mia!.

Mery Streep lost out to Sally Hawkins, for her performance in Happy-Go-Lucky, who was named best actress in a motion picture musical or comedy. The other nominees were Rebecca Hall (Vicky Christina Barcelona and Frances McDormand (Burn After Reading) and Emma Thompson (Last Chance Harvey).

Björn’s cousin Agneta Ulfsäter-Troell wrote the screenplay for Everlasting Moment (Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick) which failed to win in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

Meryl Streep’s rendition of Mamma Mia! earned the top prize for Best Song from a Soundtrack at the 2009 People’s Choice Awards.


  • Mamma Mia! Meryl was robbed!!!!

  • I just watched that boring guy on sky news in the UK, the entertainment correspondent Matt Smith.
    He said Mamma Mia lost out because it’s liked by housewives,their daughters and hen parties and hated by the critics.Not sexist at all lol. Plus there were no gunshots,stabbings or explosions in Mamma Mia.
    Only the same as ABBA in the 70’s,people liked them and most critics hated them but ABBA still did well and still do..Can’t see that Woody Allen film selling millions or the other one.Maybe ‘Cristina’ could be a fated sign of success for Kristina….?

  • I’m pissed. The movie and Meryl were robbed. I never even heard of Sally Hawkins. Did you all see how beautiful Amanda Seyfreid looked at the show? "Mamma Mia!" is the best as far as I’m concerned, and millions of others!

  • Let’s face it Mamma Mia was a lot of fun but is wasn. t a good or great movie.

  • Ok, ok, mamma mia is not a WONDERFUL movie, but the movie which won the prize it´s not either. And the actress who robbed the prize to Meryl is even worst.

  • Mamma Mia’s success lies in its ability to entertain, yet this does not necessarily make it a great movie despite being hugely popular. ‘ET’ was immensley popular with audiances but lost out at the Oscars to the less successful but more ctitically acclaimed ‘Gandhi’. Mamma Mia may not have won a Golden Globe but it did win the UK’s National Film Award for best movie earlier on in the year so don’t get too bummed out guys!

  • Yes, what counts at the end is the the whole planet has seen Mamma Mia and enjoyed it, a new generation of fan is born! we don’t care about those pseudo intellectuals voting for movies that will be forgotten next year! Long Live Mamma Mia!

  • Remember awards such as this are given by a "panel" NOT by the public….if it was a public vote, well things would of been VERY different….usually "arty-farty" movies win with "arty" performances from actors/actresses….Mammia Mia has the peoples vote.

  • I agree with Mijke— as much as I love ABBA and adore Meryl, Mamma Mia is not really award-worthy. It is simple, fun and a totally satisfying entertainment experience. I would have been surprised if it won any of the awards for which it was nominated. But award don’t make a movie— it is clear that the world over loves this film. Congratulations for the nominations Mamma Mia! Thank you for the music.

  • I’m not a pseudo-intellectual, but I have to admit I didn’t like "MM!". It’s ok for what it is: a "chick flick" to watch with your brain switched off. It was childish and lightweight, you’ve got to admit! 🙂

    It didn’t have a hope of winning against those other, better quality films. I’m VERY, VERY surprised it was even nominated! (There mustn’t have been many comedies and musical films produced in 2008 – that probably explains how it got nominated!)

    "People’s Awards"? Who cares about that. The general public has rarely been known to be very discriminating about quality, has it?!

    "MM!", face it, is silly and forgettable. "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" is less so, which is why it won.

    You don’t need to be "arty-farty" or a pseudo-intellectual to notice that "MM!" is quite a cheap experience, terribly silly, but just perfect for teenage girls.

    LOL 🙂 that’s the truth folks!


  • Let’s not forget that when it comes to opinion, everyone is both right and wrong. Please feel free to give your opinion but not insult others who may not share it. They are just as right as you are and just as wrong.

    Let’s be nice to each other!

  • I think the brilliance about mamma mia is how well the songs are fitted into the story and the way many songs are sung by several people like a dialogue adding a new meaning to the songs.
    What I also think adds to mamma mias success is the way it reflects many peoples lives on many levels and agegroups – and of course the timeless MUSIC!! To h-ll with awards! John

  • I loved the movie but I think one of Sofies girlfriends overacting and exagerated open mouth in many scenes at the beginning does take the edge of the film a bit… It is a bit cheesy at parts with all the screaming but the rest of the film is great! Annie

  • ‘Mamma Mia!’ is simply not regarded as a ‘great’
    Film, by Critics, & they are the ones who tend
    to Vote in these things.

    ABBA have spent 31 Weeks on top of the UK Singles
    Chart, & 57 Weeks on Top of the UK Album Chart
    – both more than any Act since The Beatles. But,
    ABBA have never, ever been given an ‘Outstanding
    Contrbution’ Award at The BRITS, or a ‘Lifetime
    Achievement Award’. Benny & Bjorn got some kind of
    token Award at the 1999 BRITS, but it wasn’t either
    of those 2 ‘Historic’ Awards.
    It is a kind of reluctance to ever admit that ABBA
    were that huge. I think the same happens with
    ‘Mamma Mia!’ – we will find that they don’t want
    Awards going to a Film that they see as trivial,
    & lightweight.

    So, The Pet Shop Boys will get the Outstanding
    Contribution Award, at The BRITS, in February, &
    I will be surprised if ‘Mamma Mia!’ gets a ‘Best’
    ‘anything’ Award, this Year. They may Nominate it
    for Acting & Film Awards – because it was so huge
    – but, that does not mean that it will Win any of

  • Unless they change the rules at the Brits ABBA will never get the outstanding contribution or lifetime award (it seems to change its name depending whether the singer/group/band are still recording/performing or not)as the current rules are that to get the award they must be able to perform live at the end of the show. Chances of ABBA reforming just to get a Brit award after turning down $1 billion are zero so unlikely ABBA will see a Brit unless they create a special one off which they could do this year with the Mamma Mia soundtrack sucess.
    But I would hope ABBA do stand a better chance than ever of going into the American Rock and Roll hall of fame where I think they have been nominated several times. After the outstanding sucess of ABBA gold and Mamma Mia cds this year in the USA they can hopefully claim a long overdue place.

  • Unsurprisingly there are no Oscar nominations in any category!

    Wouldn’t it have been brilliant if B&B had written a new song, just for the musical. I know Benny said they didn’t want to do this as it would’ve been seen as very cynical BUT they [Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice] did it for Evita.

    Oh well, I’ll be rooting for Meryl as best actress and imagine that it is for Mamma Mia AND Doubt!


  • Mamma mia has already won selling all those DVDs, CDs, fully booked movie theatres, people seeing it many times, sing along versions… AND the music will outlive many films beeing awarded this year… John

  • Hi Folks!

    Although I’m an long time ABBA fan. I had to admit that Mamma Mia is a Bad Movie ! I love musical and the stage show is awesome. I’ve seen it more than 4 times in NY with differents cast and I always left the "Winter Garden" smiling having fun… BUt , the day I saw MM! the Movie I was so dissapointed that I was wondering – What in the world were they thinking ? Disaster ans Disgrace. I even saw it 3 more times and for the joy of listening ABBA and seing Meryl worth the while the torture . The Movie lacks of everything , It’s like a collage of scenes all packed together so crazily directed thet you can’t believe what is happenning there, poor Meryl doing everything to rescue this $$$$$$$ mistake. And the worst part is Pierce….

  • Many people, Jorge, not just the film judges, would agree with you. I’m a fan of ABBA from 1975, and I didn’t like the film at all.

    It was very badly directed and looked cheap and tacky. Poorly edited and visually messy, it was a very amateurish film in many ways.

    I would be shocked if it _DID_ win any prestigious awards like a BAFTA or an Oscar.
    How could "MM!" even hope to compete against good – or even just decent quality – films? It never had a chance of winning a big prize, nor does it deserve one, to be honest.

    As a big fan of ABBA and their music, I’m still able to say that "MM!" (the movie) was an awful experience for me.

    The stage-show is much better – and this from someone like me, who’s not a big fan of musical theatre.


  • To be totally honest….what would the film have been without the music…….?! ABBAS music is timeless in any context!

  • i have watched mamma nia 30 times and still love watching it my grandaughter who,3 and disabled loves it to bits and i watch it with her

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