3 Benny Andersson songs on Bettan’s new album

Elisabeth Andreassen - Spelleman

Elisabeth Andreassen – Spelleman

To complete the trio of songs performed in the past by Benny Anderssons Orkester, Elisabeth has teamed up with Bjarte Hjelmeland on the Andersson/Lugn composition Nu mår jag mycket bättre.

Of further ABBA-related interest on the same album are the covers of Helen Sjöholm’s Gabriellas Sång and Du Som Har Mitt Hela Hjärta (the latter from her Visor album) as well as the wonderful Ted Gärdestad ("my childhood idol" – says Elisabeth) track För kärlekens skull.

In addition, Orsa Spelman guest on the album which was released in Norway this week.

You can hear snippets of all of the tracks on the album Spelleman at Elisabeth’s website. The album is available to purchase at CDON.com.

Bettan’s Official Website


  • Sounds a good cd and nice to see covers of Helens songs as well as BAO.

    Ice and everyone..for info there is a new spectrum ABBA cd released ‘Classic ABBA’in the UK very soon…similar tracks as the Universal masters but worth getting for the cover taken from the photo session for 1975’s greatest hits…Check the hmv website.(Ice feel free to move this to where appropriate)

  • You might be interested in knowing that Elisabeth previously recorded a version of Evert Taube’s "Nocturne" also recorded in 1974 (!) by The Hootenanny Singers on their last album with Björn, "Evert Taube på vårt sätt".

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