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More Benny film score news

More Benny film score news

Look out for a new site design coming soon at ABBA’s official site

Benny Anderssons Orkester had three tracks in the most succesful Svensktoppen hits of 2008 chart: Du är min man which is now approaching five years on the chart, finished at No.3, Fait accompli was No.6 and Nu mår jag mycket bättre was No. 12.

Ian Cole wrote in with news that the show The Fantasticks has replaced CHESS in the line-up to appear at The Frued Playhouse in May. I’m not sure the reason has come to light yet but rights issues seems to be a favourite suggestion.

Long-time UK correspondent for the Official ABBA Fan Club, Vaughan Davies reported that BBC commentator David Vine died recently. Mr. Vine was the commentator during the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton. His voice and enthusiastic chuckle at the sight of Sven-Olof Walldoff dressed up as Napoleon ready to conduct the orchestra for Waterloo became instantly recognisable to ABBA fans.

Japan finally saw Mamma Mia! the movie open on 30 January and Martin Bolton found a picture of Meryl Streep and Empress Michiko seated together before the show. The article appears in Japan Today.

BAO’s track Briggens blåögda blonda kapten (now I wonder who that can be?!!) from their first album can be heard during the credits for the Swedish movie De ofrivilliga albeit with far more reverb than the original album version.

Du levande

Du levande

Roy Andersson’s movie Du levande became the second film of his to feature Benny Andersson music. The music that was used in it was left over from Songs From The Second Floor/Sånger från andra våningen and is therefore unlikely to appear on CD.

Also probably not showing up on CD is Benny’s short piece MarchPolska which was heard at the opening of the Malmö Arena in November 2008.

The Official ABBA Fan Club reported that a 2-disc special edition of the Mamma Mia! DVD (made for the Walmart chain of stores), is now available to members and non-members alike at the ABBA Fan Club shop. Please note that the Fan Club says that supplies are strictly limited and "when they’re gone, they’re gone!" The bonuses include previously unreleased material, such as the "rehearsals for Does Your Mother Know, a breakdown of the choreography of Voulez-Vous and much more."

Björn - Personligt

Björn – Personligt

The Christer Sturmark book of interviews, Personligt, with various Swedish personalities, in which they give their view on organised religion and atheism (and which features Björn), now has a dedicated website. Check out a larger version of the unusual picture of Björn and dog (right) on the site!

Finally, you may have noticed that icethesite now carries an advert for ABBA memorabilia and associated products on sale at ebay. I’ve frequently been approached by advertising agencies wanting to place adverts on the site, saying that the demographics of their intended customers matched that of icethesite’s audience. Being that these are usually telecoms or utilities companies, I’ve failed to see the direct relevance and refused their offers.

However, the ebay and amazon links are potentially of service to fans – and so I’ve decided to experiment with them. So far it seems that people like ebay’s ABBA memorabilia service the most.

Please know that you are suporting icethesite if you find something of interest at amazon or ebay and end up using the links from this site.

A huge thank you to all the people (regulars and newbies) that have written in over the last month and added comments to the news threads! It really is much appreciated.


  • Gosh! What a lot of news. Amazing that Du Ar Min Man is still doing so well in the Svenkstoppen chart. Testimony to the two men behind it, as well as the gorgeous vocalist if you ask me!

    Interesting that Helen has 1, Tommy has 1 and Helen and Tommy have 1 song on the best list of 2008. All’s fair, I guess!

  • I know that I said it a few weeks ago, but I really am truly happy that I found your website recently… there’s always lots of new interesting news pieces to read, and everything is so well presented. Thanks again for this fantastic service. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Tony.

  • I love that photo of Björn in Personligt. He actually looks quite cute and vulnerable… a very different pic. I also love the contasting balance of the black and white photography, it makes it look like a photo from a 1920s movie. Cheers, Tony.

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