Benny helps choose Culture Prize recipient

The award was given to pop artist Frida Hyvönen. Benny was photographed with the winner and also with Maria Schottenius (Culture Editor at Dagens Nyheter) and Ernst Billgren (artist and jury member).

Frida Hyvönen and Benny Andersson

Frida Hyvönen and Benny – Photo: Hasse Fridén

Benny, Maria Schottenius and Ernst Billgren

Benny, Maria Schottenius and Ernst Billgren – Photo: Hasse Fridén

DN Webb TV – Benny is seen briefly talking to Hyvönen at around 00:34.


  • Benny looks much better here than at the BAFTA nominations! Annie

  • Yes he does look better.

    Sometimes the camera captures that one, bad, millionth of a second. It happens to everyone.

    He might have been genuinely tired at the BAFTAs. Perhaps he hadn’t had much sleep the previous night, or maybe he’d just got up from a late afternoon nap immediately before attending the BAFTAs. His tired appearance in those pics might have been for any number of reasons.

    In other words, we shouldn’t get too concerned about a person’s health, judging only by their appearance in a photo.


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