Benny Andersson’s Orchestra have international plans

Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg will perform new English versions of their famous songs.  Benny Andersson has already conquered the world with ABBA.  Now he launches Benny Andersson’s Orchestra internationally.  

"The idea of England, we have talked about for 18 months," says Görel Hanser, president of Andersson’s Mono Music.  "All the music is there. And much of the disc will have to be instrumental songs. But Tommy and Helen are to do three or four songs in English, so they have to record the songs again." 

The international effort kick starts with an outdoor concert in London this summer. 

"We have been invited by the Swedish Embassy to play at Hampstead Heath on July 4. In conjunction with the concert, will be the launch of BAO internationally," says Görel Hanser. 

There’ll be Du är min man in English? 

"Yes, it is not entirely impossible. Benny has not decided which songs it will be." 

Benny Andersson’s Orchestra will first be launched in the UK. If a success, he is prepared to continue the launch in other parts of the world. 

Benny conquers the world – again



  • Does anyone know how long BAO’s slot is likely to be on 4th July? Am considering coming from the North of Scotland to see it but would think again if they’re only expected to play a handful of songs!

  • Fiona, according to the previous reports BAO is the headline act, playing from 6 pm. Presumably they will play right through to near the events finishing time of 9 pm.

  • It would be great if BAO could be promoted in Australia, and/or even visit Australia.
    ‘ABC Classic FM’ would be an ideal national radio to get things going.
    Oh well, we can only hope.
    Fingers crossed.

  • Can’t wait for this but I think I’d rather hear "Du är min man" in Swedish!

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