Björn re-writes ABBA lyrics for 13-year old

Faryl Smith records ABBA favourite

Faryl Smith’s debut CD

“It was about divorce,” the teenager said. “They didn’t think it was appropriate for me to sing about that, so Björn changed the lyrics so it’s about friendship.”

The song? The Way Old Friends Do.

Expectations are high for her self-titled debut. The record has led the pre-sale charts on, 80 000 copies have been shipped to retailers in advance of going on sale.

Smith’s album features 12 tracks including Ave Maria, the song that catapulted her to stardom when she sang it on Britain’s Got Talent.

With thanks to Ian Jones. 


  • Anyone been brave enough to download this/buy this yet?

    If so, please do tell!

  • Not too bad, actually. Reminds me a bit of Charlotte Church.
    I still prefer the original, of course, but this is quit a decent cover.

  • So it’s just one line that’s changed. To make it a song about "friendship", not "divorce". I always thought it *was* about friendship.

    This reminds me of when Delta Goodrem recorded John & Yoko’s Happy Xmas (War Is Over) for a B side in 2002 or 03. She wanted to change the lyric "to make it an anti-war song". Hello? She changed the chorus "war is over if you want it" to a very wimpy "let the war be over".

  • Thanks Ian. One line?!

    I guess the Times Online article was technically correct but still, not what I think we were led to believe.

    But, all the better for it really as those originals are some great Ulvaeus lyrics.

  • Hay Martin, thanks but don’t thank me, thank Bazz – I just listened to the track on the link he provided.

  • Faryl sang ‘The way old friends do’ live on GMTV this morning(wed 18th March) with a backing choir.

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