Björn Ulvaeus gains permission for island home

Gotland County Gov. Mariane Samuelsson said Ulvaeus has been given an exception to government planning regulations that significantly limit what can be built on Swedish beaches and public coastal properties, the Swedish news agency TT reported Saturday.

Ulvaeus had received planning permission for his construction plans by a local housing committee, but the National Environmental Protection Agency appealed that ruling.

The former ABBA star’s new home would be closer to the beach than any other Furillen property.


  • I am wondering why it is that Bjorn, already in his 60s, has decided to move out to an island in the Baltic Sea, and a fair distance from Stockholm.

    Is he feeling harrassed by the media and fans in Stockholm?

    Has Stockholm become too stressful, intense and busy for him? Has it evolved into some Tokyo-sized megalopolis since my last visit?

    What gives, Bjorn?

    I’m sure Furillen Island has its own beauty and attractions, but I can imagine that living there, Bjorn will be having to commute to Stockholm quite a bit.

    Maybe like Ingmar Bergman, who lived out his final years on the island of Faro, Bjorn is thinking of enjoying his "final stretch" in a peaceful locale. I hope he’ll use his time there to write a few interesting books, one of which would be a novel, and another, an autobiography.

    Whatever happens, I wish him well…


  • P, I may be wrong but I am sure I read somewhere that Bjorn is not intending this property for his private residential use, but as a recording studio and some kind of musicians retreat.

  • That’s right Anne. I’ve read that too.

  • OK. That’s understandable. Thanks for the additional info. Of course I didn’t really expect Stockholm had become fast-paced and stressful, I was simply fishing for reasons.

    This temporary retreat is a wonderful thing for him to offer his fellow creative-muso types. What a generous – and quintessentially Swedish – gesture, too.

    Good on you, Bjorn!


  • I am a Filipino and am an avid ABBA fan.
    I was a high school freshman during the Dancing Queen days.
    How I wish they are still together but I know could only wish.
    Anyway, I wish them all peace.
    Their songs would always be a part of my life.
    Thanks Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Frida.
    Thank you for the music!

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