ABBA in Japan DVD (New info)

UPDATE: 07 July 2009

Current release date quoted is 23 September 2009. This time with two discs, if HMV Japan is to be believed. Many thanks to Ken for this news.

Original article below – last updated 23 April 2009: 

The Japanese release will feature the Japanese TV show ABBA Special aired in 1978 and three other TV programs starring ABBA. Details are scant but see below for a link to pre-order the disc which is listed as being in NTSC format with Region 2 (Japan, Europe, Middle East, and South Africa only) encoding. 

There is currently no information about whether the material has been restored or remastered in any way but the DVD will be released outside of Japan according to the Official ABBA Fan Club.

There is a wealth of information about ABBA’s TV appearances in Japan on Sara Russell’s ABBA on TV website. Select 1978 from the menu and look between 17 and 26 November. You will find a selection of Japanese appearances, from which the other three programmes described as being included on the DVD, will almost certainly be taken:

Songs performed in ABBA Special: 

  • Eagle
  • Take A Chance On Me
  • Money Money Money (Live)
  • SOS (Live)
  • That’s Me
  • Tiger
  • Dancing Queen
  • Waterloo
  • Fernando (one verse only)
  • Summer Night City
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You
  • If It Wasn’t For The Nights
  • Thank You For The Music (Live)

NB. The Name of The Game was also filmed at the same time as Knowing Me, Knowing You and If It Wasn’t For the Nights but not included in this programme, says Sara.

Thanks to Sara Russell and Billy Strachan.



  • Hey, what great news! I will have to get an import copy if it is a Japan-only affair….but I hope it is more widely available!

  • Brilliant Have pre-ordered mine already Roll On June


  • Fantastic news…one of my favourite TV specials ever…with that amazing Eagle performance that makes it worthwhile alone…all ordered and done…whats the bet the extras put Universal UK to shame…lets hope anyway.

  • WOW, at last more stuff that we’ve never seen over here.

  • this special has the most hilarious dancers too! And there’s a priceless bit during Thankyou For the Music where some silver confetti stuff gets stuck in Agnetha’s mouth as she’s singing. The way she casually removes it brilliant!

  • Ordered mine too. Thanks for the news and link Ice-man!

  • The dancers in Tiger are so funny! Great viewing! Just pre-ordered mine!

    Waiting to see what other shows are on it!

  • Please be aware that you might have an additional Customs charge to pay, if you order from Japan to Europe / UK. I had to pay an extra £11 to receive my SHM copy of ‘Voulez-Vous’ recently and I reckon it would be at least the same for a DVD…

  • Missed "The Name of The Game" from "ABBA Special" (Japan 1978) added in 2007 to 30th Anniversary edition of "ABBA – The ALbum" Deluxe Edition

  • From HMV Japan
    Production of this item has been discontinued by the

  • From HMV Japan
    current release date is 23 Sep 2009
    This time with two discs.

  • Well I just received a e-mail stating the release had been deleted permanently, My money that I had payed for the release has been returned. No reasons were given. So untill I actually see the DVD with My own eyes I will believe it, Any way I hope the information given will be correct as A DVD of ABBA in Japan is needed


  • Ive also had a refund. According to the email, there is no expanation as to why its cancelled or whether there is to be a new date sometime in the future.
    Oh well….seemed to good to be true.

  • Thought it was too good to be true.

    Sure enough, HMV Japan says the release has been discontinued. Maybe sometime in the future…..


  • Oh bugger! Oh well – relegated this story to where it was originally!

  • Hi, look at Cd (US) website the release date for ABBA live in Japan ( new dvd name)is september first.

    Regards. Tallis

  • Just got the EU version today in Hong Kong, playing it now– very very nice indeed!

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